Looking for Graveyard (Late Night) Partners

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  1. Pick your Poison before you PM Me
    *Bold means I want that role ^^
    Husband + Pregnant Wife

    Boyfriend + Pregnant Girlfriend

    Pregnant Best Friend + Pregnant Best Friend


    Shotgun Love: A young couple's Love Story is rushed when the girlfriend finds out that she's pregnant. While they love each other very much, the Boyfriend's Family does not agree with him rushing into Marriage and believe the girl got pregnant so he could stay with her. Meanwhile, the Girl's Family is more accepting and loving towards her. The couple themselves are in for a Roller Coaster as they get married and prepare to become parents, but more is yet to come.

    Vacation Gone Wrong: With his wife about to have a baby, a loving husband is more worried then ever. In hopes of calming things down, he decides to take his wife on one last vacation before their baby is born. Sadly, things go wrong and they find themselves stuck in a haunted ghost town. Will they be able to get home and give their baby a chance at life?

    The Babymoon: Two best friends, expecting their first child, decide to spend time together and go on a vacation before taking on their responsibilities as new moms. Sadly, things are bound to go wrong on this vacation.

    PM Me
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  3. If your still searching I am willing to do the plot with the boyfriend and girlfriend.
  4. PM me and let's see what we can work out.
  5. ...Still looking...
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