Looking for GoT, ME, DA, TES, + Original Ideas!

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    • I would really like a Game of Thrones roleplay. I will play anything in this genre though I would really like it to take place in an alternate kingdom during the time when the Dragonlords ruled. I would like there to be a friendship/romance between a Targaryen bastard, and a Stark. I would (preferably) play the bastard.
    • I would like a Mass Effect roleplay, taking place either after the events of the series, or in an alternate universe. I would rather not play any of the common-go aliens (Asari, Humans, Turians, etc..) But instead I tend to play unique species (Yahg, Krogan, Even Prothean.)
    • I would like a roleplay which takes place in the world of the Elder Scrolls. I would love it if someone was wanting to play either Daedric Prince x Mortal, or Daedric Prinxe x Daedric Prince. But I'm also willing to do everything average, as long as my character can be in the Dark Brotherhood.
    • I would like a Dragon Age roleplay, taking place either during, after (the games) or in an alternate universe. I would really like it if my characters could either be part of the Qunari or Dragon Cultists. But I can do whatever.
    • Any unique ideas are highly put into thought! So if none of those fandoms tickle your high bean then we can work out something original!
  1. Your GoT, DA, and TES ideas all sound really good ^^ For GoT, I would love to be the Stark, for DA, I'd do anything, and for TES I would love being a Daderic Prince :D
  2. Woohoo someone's interested!

    Anyone else?
  3. i would but i hae never herd of any of the things you got up there but game of thrones but i never watched it. I want to wake t but im not sure if its ok if someone around the age of13-15 to watch it
  4. Game of Thrones I could get into. :D