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  1. Hey, Iwaku. So here's what's going on.

    I am looking for a game. A one-on-one game. Group stuff can be fun, but they are anarchy. I like to have a finer degree of control over my games. However, I am picky.

    I am picky about who I play with. It's nothing personal. It's not that I think you're an illiterate juvenile who will never amount to anything in life, it's just that I don't want to play with you. I'm a man with a finite amount of time in his life, and so I must make active decisions every day about what I am and am not going to spend time doing. I would love to dedicate some time to my favorite hobby, but it must be worth it.

    I am also picky about what kind of game I want to play. There's pretty much only one thing that I want to do, and that's a historical game or a historical fantasy game (they're pretty much the same thing to me). History is what really gets me excited, and there is very little that is more fun than playing pretend as an adult and romping around in the past.

    As long as this basic prerequisite is met (the game HAS to be historical), I am pretty much open to whatever you want to do.

    Pick any time in western history from 509 BC (or BCE, to you more culturally-sensitive folk) to ~700 AD (CE =D). After that, I can still do most of Europe/Asia Minor (some North Africa) up to ~1500, with the amount of places I am able to visit going down as time goes on. The Roman Empire, the Church, and England (note: not the entire British Isles) are my specialties, and I will have the easiest time playing a game involving them.

    I am not particularly particular about exactly what we do in our game. However, if whatever you want to do sounds like something you'd find in the teen fiction section at Barnes & Nobles, then I probably don't want to do it. I am not saying your idea does not have value, I am just saying that it would not entertain me.

    And I want to be entertained.

    Also, I'm a stickler for geography. And names. Your Crusader cannot be named Ruroni Hakayoshi or Hakan Darkblade or a common noun. Let's keep things live here, folks.

    I have ideas for fantasy elements in that's what we're doing. But that's something that I'll discuss, at the time.

    That's everything, I think. Or everything I'm willing to share, at least. I really want to get a game going. Entice me.

    EDIT: I completely forgot to mention when I can actually post. The bulk of my posting is going to be in the mornings and at night, EST (GMT -5). I will sometimes post during the day, but not often. Weekends must be addressed on a case-by-case basis.
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