PARTNER REQUEST Looking for Gang Leader

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  1. I have been really wanting to an rp like this. I'd be playing Muse B the best friend.

    Muse A is a gang leader who has been close friends with Muse B for a long time. (since childhood maybe) Muse B has always been good with computers and Electronic and was branded as a nerd which caused them to be picked on. Muse A was the first person to stand up for Muse B and has always felt like it was their job to keep Muse B safe. (Which is how feelings could of started to develop)

    But Muse B knows nothing of Muse A becoming Gang leader of one of the two most notorious gangs in their city. So as to not ruin Muse B's opinion of Muse A as well as keep them safe. They have never told them about the gang or their feelings.

    But what would happens if Muse B was forced into Muse A's rival's gang for their hacking skills. Scared and ashamed Muse B would never mention it to Muse A. Though word gets out that there is a new expert hacker in Muse B's rival gang.

    If you're interested in rping this with me please PM. I have a CS and opening ready for whoever would like to jump in with me. I'm also open to changing or adding somethings as well.
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