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  1. I am open to ideas but I made some myself.

    Any Time Period!

    1) Vampires
    2) Werewolves / Shapeshifters
    3) Mythical Creatures
    4) "Gifted"
    5) Superheroes & Villans
    6) Time Travelers
    7) Futuristic
    8) Science Fiction
    9) Modernized Greek Pantheon
    10) Elementals
    11) Genetics Experiments
    12) Zombie/Nuclear Apocolypse
    13) Fantasy Circus/Theater Troupe
    14) Modernized Fairy Tales
    15) Dark, Twisted Fairy Tales
    16) Modern Made Up Pantheon
    17) Biblical Mythology (angel x Demon, angel x mortal, etc)
    18) Haunted House
    19) Alien Invasion
    12) Steampunk

    1) Fantasy
    4) Odd Pairings (Listed Below)

    1) Any Period can be combined with Fantasy

    2) Ancient Egypt
    3) Ancient Greece
    4) Ancient Rome
    5) Medieval Europe
    6) The Renaissance
    7) Colonial America
    8) The Salem Witch Trials
    9) The American Revolution
    10) 18th Century Pirates
    11) The French Revolution
    12) Regency Era
    13) Victorian Era
    14) The American Civil War
    15) The Roaring Twenties
    16) WWII
    17) Old West / Western

    - Movies & TV

    1) Firefly/Serenity
    2) Star Trek: AU
    3) Lord of the Rings
    4) Supernatural
    5) Doctor Who

    - Books
    1) The Mortal Instruments Series
    2) The Infernal Devices Series
    3) Alice in Wonderland

    -Comic Books & Movies
    1) X-Men
    2) The Avengers

    1) Animal
    2) Anthro/Furries
    3) Incest

    Crime Dramas
    Detective x Art Thief
    Assasin x Target
    Spy x Spy
    Cop x Criminal
    Psychic Detective x Grieving Client
    Psychic Detective x Cop
    Private Investigator x Client
    Private Investigator x Cheating Wife
    Journalist x Detective

    Vampire x Mortal
    Werewolf x Werewolf
    Werewolf x Mortal
    Slayer x Vampire
    Slayer x Werewolf
    Slayer x Slayer
    Demi Goddess x Mortal
    Demi God x Mortal
    Ghost x Mortal
    Immortal x Mortal
    Angel x Demon
    Angel x Human
    Demon x Human
    Sorceror x Sorceress
    Grim Reaper x Recently Dead
    Reincarnated Lovers
    Scientist x Experiment
    Robot x Human
    Alien x Human

    Medieval & Fantasy
    Princess x Knight
    Prince/ss x Commoner
    Princess x Sorceror
    Prince/ss x Servant
    Prince/ss x Foreign Prince/ss
    Prince/ss x Oracle
    Prince/ss x Sorceror/ess
    Sorceress x Knight
    Fairy Queen x Kidnapped Knight/Prince
    Princess x Lady in Waiting
    Arranged Marriage

    Teacher x Teacher
    Teacher x Student's Parent
    Professor x Student
    Celebrity x Body Guard
    Reclusive Author x Publisher/Editor
    Homeless x Wealthy
    Upper Class x Servant
    Soldier x Nurse
    Soldier x Native
  2. I am potentially interested. Especially in the more sci-fi and/or fantasy stuff for sure; like some of the ideas you have going!
  3. So many to pick from! I love everything you mentioned. If you are craving anything specific, pm me! ^-^
  4. I do have a sci fi character ive wanted to use if you would like to help make a plot.
  5. Pm me :)
  6. Sire :) sorry it took forever
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