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  1. My name is Minato. I am new here and would love to have people to talk to!
  2. Hi. I see you are looking for friends XD I'm a pretty friendly person. I go by Luna. Nice to meet you.
  3. I'M SCARED OF FRIENDS! ;______;
  4. We still love you, Diana ;)

    Welcome new friend. I'm new here too.. kind of. In any case you've come to the right place for friends!
  5. Logic, the madman *eye twitch*

    Nice to meet you. Feel free to message!
  6. I'll be your friend!

    Your BEST freind.

    Now we're best friends.

    Best. Friends.

    *Creepy face*

    Best friends.
  7. Well haaaaaiii. I am Melancholy. Despite my name I am rather cheerful, so do not be afraid to speak to me if you would like to talk!

    I promise I won't bite much
  8. Hmm.. Friends you say? Weird totally..

    If I share my randomness, this means we are already friends.. I guess. Not sure. Perhaps, if you like kitties ?O__O
  9. Hello, person! I hope your day was well. wwibe0gylh.png
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.