Looking for Fresh Meat to take part in Murder RP

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  1. Hey there everyone, Crazy 8 Nate here, but ya'll can call me either, Crazy 8, or Nate if you really feel ballsy. Here is the 411 on what's going down and why I'm making this thread. You see, I'm part of a group called Murder RP. We focus on hosting fast paced, intense and overall enjoyable group RPs that focus on Violence and Character relations. The point of the RP is to find the 2-3 Rpers who have been designated the "Traitors" and expose them before they kill everyone in the RP, hence the name of the Group "Murder RP".

    Recently, we have had some.....issues with how the group was ran. The Original leader of the group was caught violating Iwaku's rules and was perma-banned. Now instead of completely disbanding and fading off into obscurity, Murder RP went in a totally different direction. The group members decided the best way go was to select a small group of highly respected Rpers to run the group from now on. I was selected as Chief Recruiter, and it is my job, as you would expect, to head out into the unknown depths of Iwaku and recruit Rpers to join our games and the group itself.

    One such game is coming here in the next few days and will be hosted by Klutzy Ninja Kitty. I will post the link to the sign ups[​IMG] below, note I am looking for 4-5 Rpers, so it is first come, first serve.

    A few notes before you sign up,

    1. These RP are open to ANY RPers unless specified by the Group Owners. This means, for the safety of everyone. Avoid posting about anything sexual when talking with another Rper while in the RP! Ignoring this warning will result in a possible ban on your account via the admins.

    2. These are extremely fast paced RPs, being gone for a couple days will hurt you tremendously. DO NOT JOIN THESE RPs OR THIS GROUP IF YOU CAN'T KEEP UP!

    3. Please, for the love of God in heaven, actually participate[​IMG] in The RPs! It doesn't matter if you post once a day or thirty times a day, post! If you join the RP and don't post at all, post a little bit then just drop out (being killed in the RP or notifying the GM why you dropped would excuse this action), or just being an overall asshole will only hurt you in the end, and don't expect me to give you any favors in future recruitment.

    With all that said, enjoy yourself! We are wonderful group of Rpers who are always glad to see new faces. If you interested in signing up in the Upcoming Murder RP hosted by Klutzy, hit the link below and follow the directions for the required char sheet.

    If you signed up, or you are planning to sign up, please reply below with the name of you Favorite food as a way of saying that I have signed up.

    Till then, peace out! :)

  2. Down to three spots left in the RP, come one people let's go!