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  1. Here are my expectations. I figured I would get them out now before the plot.

    1. Communication is Key. Be willing to add to the story and discuss additional plotlines to make the story more interesting. We are writing it together. Also, let me know when you will be absent for a great amount of time. I will try to do the same.

    2. Spelling and Grammar. I'm not a Nazi in either of these categories. In fact, I make mistakes too. Just try to catch them as I will do.

    3. Three paragraph (well written) responses please. I bore with smaller replies.

    Here's the Plot:

    My Character (MC) and your character (YC) were high school sweethearts. During their Senior year, they made plans to attend the same college, stay together and eventually start a family once things were done. Nothing in the world could separate them no matter how hard anything tried. Or so everyone thought.

    Another attack on the US the same scale as 9/11 rocked his family when his older sister died in it. Angry and seeking revenge, MC joined the military against YC wishes effectively ending their relationship.

    Five years pass and he returns home to find nothing as it was. A crime family has risen to run to the city having many of the police in their pockets and the citizens doing whatever is thrust upon them just for survival. Those who try to leave and hunted down and taken care of. Five years had devastated his hometown.

    One night while walking the streets, MC finds YC doing the last thing he thought she would ever do; selling herself. YC recognizes MC and scurries off. Not only had the family destroyed his hometown but it had corrupted everything he ever loved. Something would have to change.

    I want this to be dark and heavy. It's a town run by a family of mobsters who won't take kindly to a man who wants to change things. I foresee trouble there as well as between our two characters as she blames him for what's happened to her and he tries to save her while making up for his way of departure.

    PM me as I will respond faster that way than I will if you reply here.
  2. This sounds really freaking good o...o If you are willing to write with me again or like writing with me. I would be willing to do this with you.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.