Looking for female writer for female character on supernatural RP

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  1. Hi there,
    My posting ranges between 1 to 3 paragraphs. I usually do my best to match my partner's posting rate.
    I have no limits for mature content(curious to see how creative the mind gets)
    I play male characters
    I would like someone who can help progress the story

    I'm looking for someone interested in writing a story about two characters that meet in a city that is governed and maintained by both supernatural and human beings. I want to have it where various citizens are being killed and kidnapped. My main character entered the city in search of his missing sister, where he ends up meeting the other character at a bar, where at first glance upon each other and feel a strong sexual vibe. where they start speaking to each other at the bar and end up with one another that night. the deeper they get in this world, the more danger they are confronted with.

    I want the two characters to have a love interested as they get to know one another.
    please present a female human or supernatural character with a brief summary and what creature they are.
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Thread Status:
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