looking for Female. Two little plots.

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  1. Plot one: A new experment.
    This is a Mage X captive/slave/ familiar. RP
    The captive could be a thief or maybe a frisky slave girl or even a demon or some other creature that is bound to the Mage's service. The Mage uses sexual magic, and needs a being to test spells/items/ and just fuck from time to time.
    Note: there is no rape or No-con in this, though that doesn't mean that the mage can't use magic to have the captive get horny and lustful.

    Plot two: What do you mean THAT'S MY WIFE?
    Human X monster girl.

    A man marries a girl of a wealthy family, though he doesn't know she is a monster girl, all of her family looks normal. (they use magic to cloak their forms.) On the night of the honeymoon she drops her visage and shows that she isn't fully human, either intentional or accident, they now have to deal with him knowing what she is.

    Though he is shocked at first he does love her, and it will take time for him to get used to it. There are plenty of MG types that can work for this, as long as it is humanoid, and not too monster like.
  2. I'm interested in Plot one: A new experiment.
    In case it's not taken yet :)
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  3. Not taken yet, so we can Pm and talk details then :)
  4. I'm interested in the second idea
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  5. Cool! I'll Pm you and we can talk details. ^-^
  6. The first one intrigues me, if you're still looking.
  7. Hey, if you're still looking, I'm also interested in the first plot.
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