Looking for female partners :)

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    Sup. How are you. Nice shirt.

    I'll start off with saying, I would like a long term partner. I've had a few who just kinda stop responding or drop off the face of the earth. I'll be honest, I occasionally just go dark for a few days. It's usually me at work, a bit stressed, or I just don't respond because I get tapped on motivation very often. The only reason is because I usually end up making the plot and most plot points and ideas. It's nice. But it gets tiring after a while.

    Alright. That's done. I'm very laidback. I get if you have some stuff to do, or if you're unmotivated. I get that. It happens to me. Just tell me. If you don't, well, let me know what happened after you're back. Also, I like to chat with my partners. I really hate when it's just one sentence replies to me. Come on man. I just want to talk and be friends ;-; This can actually be a major turn off for me. If I can't openly just chat with you, I'll lose interest really fast. I'm weird. I swear a lot. I've kind of censored myself for this post, I'll probably swear like a sailor.

    A quick few things about me. I'm a Carpenter's apprentice. When I'm not laid off, I work Monday to Friday 6am-4pm. I also draw fairly often. I've made a few screens for a streamer friend. Sometimes that drains my creativity. But most of the time it inspires me. I'm fine with Libertine. Just when it comes to the dirty stuff, I don't like full explanations. Vague Details. It's dirty enough. I guess. If I like you, I might ask for a second RP. I'm usually on my phone. So spelling errors are common. I will fix them if I notice them. I love romance. I also like Monster girls. (include the word "Ducks" in your message to me so I know you read all this.) I might post a list of plots I want to do, so that it's easier to approach me with plot ideas.

    Always searching.

    General things: MxF always. Sorry. I guess. But that's just how I do things.

    Pretty much anything Dark souls related, I'm into. I'd love to actually have a Dark souls RP going.

    I'm generally open minded to my partners. I'll tell you if I don't like something or If I suddenly get an idea. I'd rather not list my ideas,because those change very often. VERY often.
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  2. Well, I am quite interested to plot something out with you, if you're feeling up to it!
  3. Sure! PM me please! :)
  4. I'm very interested in role playing with you.
  5. Pm me pleeeease :)
  6. Pushing for that Dark souls RP. Demon souls is good too!
  7. i know dark souls is a video game but i know noting about it or i would happily fulfill your craving for that rp!! But im i'd love to talk and find something we both wanna rp about!
  8. I may not be a female but a dark souls rp sounds fun. Ducks.
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  9. Did someone say.....monster girls?! I can fulfill that quota! I also enjoy talking and shit and dark souls is pretty cool. I haven't had time to sit and play it through fully as I wanna get through demon souls first but I know bits and pieces of lore. The lore behind them is amazing! Hit me up and we can chat or plot or whatever! Also....Ducks.
  10. I'm kind of surprised No one has said "ducks" yet. Anyway, I'd be Interested In A rp
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  11. "Pm me." as the cool kids say.
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