Looking for female partners (Will try to update and always open)

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  1. As the title implies, I am looking for female partners to do RPs of varying length, depth, and scene. At the moment I have a couple of ideas in mind I want to do that are short and easy as well as a couple of possibly more long term parings. Oh and furries and futas are very much accepted! Bonus points for combining them! :D Oh and I have also been kind of wanting to get a harem going, but that's just something extra on the side that I can take or leave. For all of these, my character is the one on the left. I prefer you be able to post at least once ever couple days. If it has been more than two days without a reply of any form, I will bump the message. Also, if there is anything you are perhaps itching for, then we can possibly try it as well. I don't really come with a prepared plot as I like to let one develop. I am open to discussing plots. Don't be afraid to bump me as well. I have been in quite the slump trying to get RPs rolling and get my motivation back so that reminder that you're still interested is helpful.

    Short and easy ones (Mostly smutty)

    Student x teacher(s)/other faculty/student(s)

    Travelling warrior x monster girl(s)/succubus/succubi

    Possibly longer ones (Mostly plotty)

    Prince/knight x princess/knight/queen/dragon

    Paladin x cursed girl (this one is actually rather smutty based on what I have in mind, but it's still a longer journey) (Open)

    And here's a couple of fandoms (never done one before so new experience)

    Mass Effect

    Lord of the Rings

    Star Wars



    (Yes I know alot of these are purely video games, but those are the only fandoms I sort of follow.)

    One more thing is that I am willing to play out RPs that are just quick sex scenes. People get bored and sometimes needy, after all. ;) These scenes would most have to MxF and FxF for the most part, however. I am willing to do futa though and, if given appropriate circumstance, MAYBE MxM. However, that would have to be discussed thoroughly before hand as I am fairly...uncomfortable...with MxM, nothing personal toward any particular individual, that is just how I am.
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  2. What was your Paladin x Cursed girl idea?
  3. PM me and find out ;)
  4. Student x teacher(
  5. Are you be a female partner? I just feel really weird about doing romance and libertine with a male partner...
  6. Okay I'll look somewhere else
  7. Prince/knight x princess/queen sounds interesting to me!
  8. PM me
  9. Hey, if anybody who reads this messages me, I would like that you give a reply of some form at least once every couple days. If I have a sort of schedule from you then I won't bump, but otherwise I will bump if there is no replies after two days.
  10. This is still an open request.
  11. I be interested in RPing with you
  12. With anything particular?
  13. Any of these caught my eye
    Studentx teacher(s)/other faculty/student(s)

    Possibly longer ones (Mostly plotty)

    Prince/knight x princess/knight/queen/dragon

    Paladin x cursed girl (this one is actually rather smuttybased on what I have in mind, but it's still a longer journey
  14. Well I've had a couple people come to me about the cursed girl one, but nobody has really spoken with me about either of the other two.
  15. I can do either of the other 2. I am flexible
  16. I'd like to give the second one a go, please message.
  17. Can you nessage me if you're so looking for partners?
  18. Hey, I thought I'd check this out and saw a few things that peeked my interest! Could you PM me when you get this? I have to work all weekend and might not have time. I don't want to forget about it though.
  19. I'd love to work out a Lord of the Rings story with you!
  20. Prince/knight x princess/knight/queen/dragon

    I'd be interested in this one if you'd like to do this with me.
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