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  1. Rules first I guess:

    1. Please try to post once daily...life has my permission to interrupt this if it so seems necessary. :D

    2. Please please please post at least two paragraphs. (The more the better so long as its not just fluff)

    3. In the case of grammar and punctuation, do your best. I understand some mistakes, autocorrect kicks my ass sometimes.

    She (your character inserted here) has married her high school sweetheart only to find out he's an abusive douche bag. But she believes she can change him, remembering the good times in high school, so she stays despite the ER visits and growing pool of questions.

    He (insert my character here) has always had a soft spot for her since high school. Now he's a cop and finds out her husband is hurting her though she won't press charges or admit it.

    Can he show her what it means to really love someone and will she accept his love and save her life before it's too late.

    Pm if your interested please.
  2. If your are still looking to do this roleplay, I'd be very interested.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.