Looking For Female in a Fantasy Roleplay

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  1. Hello there, my name is Teresa and I am looking for a female role for my fantasy Roleplay.

    My Roleplay is basically like Star Vs. The Forces of Evil in a sense...

    Basically A handsome prince has some problems controlling his sense of powers, teleporting other things from different worlds into any world he wants to! However in trying to practice one day he ended up destroying half of his kingdom by accident! So his parents sent him to Earth so he could practice there! Upon his arrival he meets a girl who becomes his friend and helps him face off evil!

    I would like a character sheet in messages if your willing to do this Roleplay with me
  2. Sure I'm interested, (I'm a totally noob at this) what exactly do you need?
    Just a character sheet?

    Name: Aki Miyamoto
    Likes: The simple things in life, High heels, jewelry, red hair.
    Dislikes: Bullies, mean people and things trying to destroy her "garden"
    Strengths: Can use alchemy to make it seem like she's casting magic, but is just using super advance "tools". Easily is able to see in the dark.
    Weaknesses: Injections (phobia, goes sort of insane when one touches her skin), loud noises, slimy stuff.

    Anything else?
  3. Umm well the phobia thing, is she scared of anyone touching her at all?
  4. Are you looking for multiple partners for this or only one? ^^"
  5. I don't know if you will be taking multiple people to roleplay this idea with but here is my character sheet.

    Name: Athena White
    Age: 18
    Occupation: Waitress
    Personality includes;
    • Cheerful
    • Hard-Working
    • Short Tempered
    • Sarcastic
    • Hopeful
    • And more to figure out while in situations..
    Cute things | Listening to Stories | Protecting People | Books | Her Bubble (Space)

    People in her face | Rudeness | Drunks | Being Left Behind | Medicine | People Getting in her Personal Space (Bubble) | People Touching Her

    Extra Info:

    Loves to Cook for People / Hates Her Job / Gets Freaked Out Easily / Took Self Defense Classes for Four Years / Laughs Easily

    Drawings of Athena coming up soon.
  6. Name: Lilith VonStahm

    Age: 24

    Gender: Female

    Works as: Bartender

    Personality: Lilith is quite special having two personalities. (She is bipolar.) She has a good personality which is calm, kind and casring. Her bad personality can be quite the evil and insane one.

    History: I will make a story for this but it's not quite complete yet.

    Heyo, I'd love to rp so I hope we can
  7. I am looking for specific personality traits that would fit with my character so if I don't private message you in two days then you should probably move on, I'm really sorry guys but I can only do so many of this roleplay
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