Looking for Fantasy/Romance

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  1. I am a bit nervous; it’s been a long time since I posted inforum for this sort of thing. Oh, I think I have butterflies.
    I like long walks on the beach and monitor and keyboard roleplays.I am also am looking for a partner.
    The fantasy/romance genre is one of my RP go to guys andsince this would be my first time role playing on this site, I figured it wouldbe the best to start there. I don’t need a character bio or anything like that,just a solid idea. As for setting we can discuss.
    I would like to play a female, however I do have an amazingmale character who I have been dying to break out. Just let me know.
    I suppose you will have questions, so please ask. J
  2. I would be interested in playing in a fantasy setting! Did you have any plots in mind with the characters you mentioned?
  3. I don't have anything set in stone for any of my female characters. They can be pretty much moved to any fantasy type setting. I like to see where the plot takes us with them. The male, however, he comes with a castle which is a major part of his story.
  4. I have an itching to play a male character, so perhaps we can start fresh with a plot we create together?
  5. I think I would enjoy that very much. What did you have in mind?
  6. I'll leave setting up to you for now because I don't really have a concrete idea, but I was thinking something like two individuals from different kingdoms (cities, towns, feel free to swap with whatever you like) both experience a fall-from-grace and join together in order to salvage their positions.

    The basics of a character I had in mind to play would be a young adult who was destined to inherit his deceased fathers position as first guard to the king (emperor, dictator... again feel free to swap that around) but became very ill and could no longer accept the responsibility. As consequence, all the opportunity vanished and he is left as a vagabond. He would be searching for a cure in the beginning of the roleplay I think.

    If none of that strikes your fancy, I'd be happy to scrap and start over fresh!
  7. No I like it, I like it alot. I don't think I would change it all. How is this for my character? A young slave woman who has run away from her life. Her goal is try an prove to herself that she is worth more than that. Keep or delete?
  8. Sounds very interesting! I think we have the basics of our characters established.
    Now the hard part, fleshing out the environment! :'D
  9. Howabout they first meet on a lone road in the middle of no where?
  10. Ah, that's rather ominous.
    Let's do it.
  11. Alright, shall I make a set up the thread?
  12. Sure. Shoot me a link whenever you're ready.