Looking For Fantasy Roleplays

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  1. What You Can Expect

    1. Dedication and loyalty. I will not leave you without solid reason / cause.

    2. I like to post at least two paragraphs or more. My max is about 1500 words. (Ten paragraphs).

    3. There's a 99.9% you aren't in my timezone. So our times won't match, that needs to be chill with you.

    4. Unless you're actually a male I want to be the male character (in MxF)

    5. I generally only do heterosexual, but I do have some bi-sexual characters.

    6. My characters are usually jerks / villains / snubs.

    What I'm Interested In


    * PM me for plot ideas (I have many). But here's what I'd like it to have if you'd like to create one instead

    1. Has a good amount of action / adventure in it.

    2. Dark plot twists are always welcome.

    3. (If 18+) It doesn't revolve around smutt. Some is fine, but I want it to be more story-based.

    4. Romance is present, but not as a main factor. (Unless otherwise stated)


    * Dragon Age

    * The Elder Scrolls

    * Mass Effect

    * Assassins Creed

    * Ginga Densetsu Weed / Nagareboshi Gin
  2. Colour me interested!