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  1. Heya! Thanks for clicking on this and checking me out! I'm Jakers, just an average doof who loves Fantasy RP's with hearty amounts of magic, monster-slaying, weapon-swinging, and cool worlds: all that goodness. If you have something that might fill out the crieteria below for me, don't be hesitant and give me a cheeky link to what you've got! I'll be sure to check it out, and even more sure to join if it's what I'm looking for.

    What am I looking for?
    In short, I'm looking for a Fantasy-Focused Group RP's, with something around 'Advanced' posting expectations. This means that the average post on every player should be something around two or more paragraphs, with proper grammatical usage, a good grasp of key RP themes... all that junk for an RP'ing nerd like me. I don't want to sound like some sort of snobbish/elitist douche, but I'm not looking for something where players give very short and fast posts. I want to connect and interact with fellow characters, whilst exploring the plot the GM has in mind.

    If you have something open that I might be interested in, go ahead and leave a link here, and I'll be sure to check it out! Note that I obviously won't be joining every RP suggested to me here; if I don't join your RP, it's not because I think your idea 'sucks' or whatever: it's probably just not for me. But, if you have an RP that meets all of my desires, then I'll probably be in quicker than you can say... uh... 'Enchiladas.'

    And as you might've noticed, I like to write a lot. If you're already thinking: 'TL;DR' as you read this, the chances are I'm not the sort of guy you'll want in your RP. X)

    Me as a Person
    I'll keep this brief, but in general, I'm a goofy sort of dude in the OOC. I don't chat a lot in OOC's, but when I do, it's probably either to make a really bad pun, arrange collabs, or compliment someone on a good post or something. If there's some sort of Skype chat for an RP, I'll probably talk a bit more there, though you won't see me saying stuff like 'Omg beat the final boss on Landrim ;)'. I like to keep to the point of the RP when I chat.

    I don't really get along with overly-serious, assertive, or egotistical types. If there's a group full of those sorts of people, I'll probably just hide somewhere or just not join the RP altogether. I can't.

    Things I like in RP's:
    As you've probably already noticed, I'm the most interested in Fantasy-esque things. Whether this is Dark Fantasy, Apocalyptic Fantasy, High Fantasy, Low Fantasy... yeah, whatever, I like pretty much any subgenre. Magic is also a lovely little thing that I like to have there. I want an RP with a lot of freedom for making a character, and a lot of freedom as to the things I can do in the world.

    Don't think I'm a Fantasy-Only sort of guy, though! If you've got something like, for example, Modern Fantasy, which still fits my preferences, I'll be happy to check that out. You can check out other Genres I like by just clicking the 'Roleplay Resume' under my picture. This goes the same for Genres I probably won't like.

    Generally, I like RP's to have a nice bit of action, with lots of fighting, magic, explosions, etc. However, I like to have this whilst giving the RP moments for characters to interact, forge relationships with others, make friends/rivals, etc. If I can get a perfect mix between action and character interaction, I'll be like a pig in shit.

    And finally, I like character creation to have a lot of variation and freedom. If there's multiple races to pick from, multiple classes to pick, various skills and abilities to make in a combat system designed for the RP - those are all cool bonuses. I like looking at other character sheets as well as making my own, and I expect it to be more than:
    'Name: Jim | Age: 23 | Gender: Male | Sexual Preference: Gurls ;))) | Skills: Fire Magic, Being Cool, Has no Weaknesses | Backstory: Jim's parents died. So he is on quest for REVENG!!11!!'.

    Just... something with depth would be lovely.

    Things I DON'T like in RP's:
    Anything Libertine or Romance-FOCUSED (I don't mind having romance as a side thing) is a no-no for me. Also, anything Fandom is also a no-no for me as I like original characters, and original settings: that also rules out Crossovers. I'm not looking for something crazy like Fallout-meets-Harry Potter, as awesome as it sounds.

    Also, anything like 'Magic Schools for the Gifted' probably isn't for me. I might still check it out, but... yeah. Being restricted to a school to RP isn't cool. Though, I've been in Academy RP's where the characters go to a variety of locations other than the school, and it's been great, so I won't fully rule that out.

    And, whilst I'm here, I should mention that I don't mind anime settings. If you're expected to have an anime picture only for your CS, that's fine. You were probably expecting me to say 'ANIME SUX ME NO WANT', but it's okay with me, so long as the whole RP isn't 'ooooh [X]-Kun' or 'nyaaaa [X]-Senpai'.

    Anything that focuses on having a particular character dynamic (such as Vampires, Werewolves, Magic Girls, Magic... Boys?) is... yeah... no. I like having a variety of races to choose from, and I don't like to be forced into making a specific gender/race, though Human-Only/Either Gender is fine. I also expect every PC (player character) to have equal importance in an RP, not to all be looking up to one big 'King PC' or whatever.

    Other than that, I'm pretty easy-going. And yeah, I'm absolutely fine with any Mature themes - I'm just not comfortable with anything Sex-focused. Anything like Gore, Prejudice, or other disturbing themes however is fine, so long as it's used to emphasise dramatic moments. I'm a big boy now. I can handle it.

    What to Expect from my Characters:
    Characters I make are typically a bit different, usually with quirks and strange personalities. Whilst I don't give them overly broad or dramatic backstories to make them out to be a 'Special Snowflake' or sorts, I usually like to make my characters have their moments. Whether they're being overdramatic, over-serious, or just plain weird.

    I play Male and Female characters evenly, so there's no bias there, and the sort of class I play my character (such as a gruff badass warrior or a fancy prancy mage) is also very balanced, too. I try to make a character that'll fit in well with the group, whilst being a bit different to what everyone else's is. I try my best to create interesting characters that do unique things, rather than being just an average hot-headed fire mage, for example. So yeah. In short, I don't have specific characters I like to play, meaning that if there's an open role for something, I'll be happy to fill it.

    And that's about it!
    Thanks for taking the time to read this! Hopefully you have a sort of idea of what I'm looking for, and if you're in/the owner of a Group RP that meets these sort of criteria, I'd be delighted to receive an invite from you! So long as there are open spots, mind you.

    I don't mind joining something that's mid-way through, so long as I'm filled in briefly on the goings-on so far, and there's a logical place my character can come in - rather than just showing up out of nowhere like Randy Orton.

    So yeah! I'm bad at saying goodbye, so have a link of Nigel Thornberry saying 'SMASHING' for no real reason to conclude this. So long!
  2. Sir, I think you would fit very well with me, and my RP: TCP's Chronicles - Slayer Lore: Group RP. If you are interested. This is a group RP I am attempting to start up, and it should be interesting. I cannot promise that every member will have more than a paragraph of length in their actions, I stick to about a paragraph myself, but if you wanted something original and new, and with mostly good variation to what you can make and who you can interact with, I'm probably one of your guys.
  3. Are you alright with One paragraph or more as opposed to two paragraphs or more?
  4. Hey there! I love that you've put so much information down about what you like and don't like. It makes whether or not I should invite you a much easier process for me.

    The particular RP I'm about to ask you to join up (or at least look into) is High Fantasy revolving around dragons. It's placed on a world of my own creation (which I happen to still be building on), and while you'll only be able to play a human char (with a dragon, of course), you'll be able to choose the culture from which that char derives (even if it means you create your own culture - I allow my players to make their own cities if they like that)...if that's not enough, you also get to choose the dragon you'd like! All of my dragons are customizeable, so you'll be free to edit a few details as long as you stick to the base traits. If you don't like any of the dragons I've listed on my site, I have plenty more that haven't been written out. So, all you'll need to do is let me know what you would like to see in the dragon, and I can work something out with you!

    In short, if you are happy and willing to work with an easy-going GM, I'd be very happy to have you as a new player! We're still in the beginning, so you can easily catch up IC (as long as you're okay with doing a little bit of reading - it's still the first page). Right now, a few of my players are very busy RT, and others are still trying to figure out where they go IC (you know how it is...new to RP, not quite sure how to get their antisocial chars to interact with the rest of the group), so we're quite in need of fresh players to add personality to the group.

    Anyhoo! If you're interested, please do take a look at the link here, and if you like what you see, please do give me a PM letting me know what kind of char you'd like to make. ^^
  5. I don't have it up yet, but I'm planning on doing an RP soon that seems like it would be right up your alley!

    I'll try to remember to come back and give you a link to the interest check once it's up. Feel free to give me a poke if you don't hear from me soon.
  6. Hey! Are you still looking for a rp to join?
    One of my players vanished out of nowhere for quite a while so I'm looking for someone.
    Signup thread
    IC thread
  7. Aaand it's here! The interest check for the high fantasy RP that I mentioned earlier! I'd say it's right up your alley, with a bunch of different races, elemental alignments, and other classifications to choose from. The interest check may already look info-heavy, but I promise there will be a ton more in the OOC! Hopefully the intchk will be enough to pique your interest, though. :3
  8. Based on everything that you've outlined in your post, I think an excellent RPG for you would be my RPG, the Kingdom of Evertrue. It's open-world style so you can basically do whatever you want, it's fantasy, and the active members are amazing. We're constantly growing and seeking out new members to join us, so you're welcome to join any time. Invite your friends if you want, or just join in with what the rest of us are doing over there - it's an amazing place.
  9. Due to the characters that signed up previously going MIA I'm re-opening my world-building group roleplay Wuinderre-Expanse for any and all players!
    This roleplay has classes, ranks, a leveling system, and much more~! This is an excerpt of the starting point for Wuinderre-Expanse:

    Deep beneath the grounds of a ravaged futuristic Earth lies a secret laboratory. A scientist named Xristofer Jurgatt has crafted several genetically modified humans he likes to call "Divine Ones". It had been years since the prophecy had first been uttered in the safe havens;

    "When the fabric of dimensions rips apart,
    Only the ones with the divine heart,
    May wield the power to build a new,
    An expanse for them and their people too."

    The well renowned scientist had a stroke of genius before disappearing into the confines of the underground before the nuclear war decimated earth. You are these modified humans called "Divine Ones". Your lives before this laboratory can be entirely up to you, which means you can choose whatever country they were previously from and so on. Your abilities include immortality among many other things. You and the others awaken in the lab to find your senses x10 stronger than what you had when you fell asleep. All you remember is that once you awaken you must find Dr. Jurgatt. That is your first quest. From there, once you find him, he will explain everything to you and your second quest will begin.

    If you think this is for you then you can read more information and sign up in the link above!~ Thank you.
  10. Hello! I'm starting up a group rp, and based on what you've laid out here, I think you might enjoy it. Here's the post if you'd like to check it out:
    It's a modern fantasy about monster hunters / paranormal investigators, and there's quite a bit of freedom for character creation. Everyone starts out human, but not everyone will necessarily stay that way. Magic in-universe is about as diverse as you can imagine. It's categorized into three groups: Arcane, Clerical, and Alchemical. A character can do stuff with all three, or focus on just one. I WANT awesome, diverse characters!
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