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  1. Hey there! I'm looking for some 1x1 partners, as you can see. I've always been more of a fandom RPer myself, so it's really nice to see a section for it!

    Okay, so I have four years roleplaying experience under my belt, and you don't have toworry about how long you've been RPing. The only thing is I will put out what I receive, so if you only give me like three sentences expect that back (or don't expect replies, I may get bored of one-liners fast). And I won't badger you for replies either-I know life can get busy ^^ As for myself, I have mornings and early afternoons open, but I work evenings so I may not reply much during those times.

    And as far as RPs themselves, I'm flexible and up for anything! I can do m/f, m/m or f/f, and am okay with a lot of pairings from a lot of fandoms. I mostly tend to do lighthearted fluff, but I can do angst, even if I'm not well versed in it. Practice makes perfect, after all! And I am over 18, so if you would like to do smut, I need you to be over 18 as well.

    Now as I said, I'm cool with lots of pairings, so I'll just list fandoms and characters I'd play in each, and if any catch your eye, let me know!

    -Danganronpa/Super Danganronpa 2
    (I would love to RP as Nidai, Sonia, Souda, Yamada, Hanamura, Ibuki, Sakura, Owari, Mukuro or Naegi)

    (I'd like to play Squigly, Beowulf, Big Band, Ms. Fortune, Cerebella, Minette, or Parasoul)

    (I'd like to play Valerie, Gold, Serena, Hilda, Erika, Roark, Wulfric, any Team Aqua folks, Morty, Lucas, or Marshal)

    -Super Mario Bros.
    (I'd like to play Daisy, or Pauline)

    -Ace Attorney
    (I'dlike to be Gumshoe, Apollo, Athena, Wocky, Franziska, Shi-long Lang, Will Powers, Rhoda Teneiro, Alita, Matt Engarde, Maya, Mia, Damian Tenma, Tigre, or Kay Faraday) Note: Certain ships for some of these characters I will not do, i.e. Matt/Adrian, Alita/Wocky, Tigre/Viola...things like those.

    (Actually, I'm good with anyone who isn't a shota or loli type character)

    -Super Smash Bros
    (I really wanna be Little Mac, but I also like Wii Fit Trainer, Lucina, Falco, Captain Falcon, Samus, or King Dedede)

    -Fire Emblem: Awakening
    (I'd like to play Olivia, Panne, Libra, Vaike, Gregor, Nowi, Yarne, Noire, Lucina, Cynthia, Brady, Basilio, Donnel, or Robin)

    -Love Live!
    (I really wanna be one of the LilyWhite girls, and I could play Eli as well)

    (If you're even in this fandom I love you.)

    Oh-uh, maybe no OCs at first, unless it'sPokemon or Danganronpa. And even then I'd prefer OC/OC and not OC/Canon. Thank you! ^^

    Crossover Plot: In a nice big city, a young couple livs together happily, with comfortable jobs and a disposable income and friends and just a good, happy life. Until someone comes in, saying they know one of the pair, and that this isn't the world they're from. As the two try to figure out what's going on, they are faced with a choice: stay the way they always have, or find out the truth of their real lives and risk never seeing each other again?
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  2. Pokemon rp? I have a plot for it
  3. Sure! You wanna discuss here or message me?
  4. I'llmessage you
  5. Hello! Popping in again to add a plot I cane up with, for acrossover ship. If you're interested, let me know! And also, I've edited my original post to include characters I'd like to play.
  6. that crossover plot is cool too
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