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[ Chariot / Hatterene / Modeus ❤️ 9teen ❤️ She / her ❤️ CST ]

Hello hello !! My name is Chariot but I also go by Modeus or Hatterene ! I recently moved on here from Quotev, since the site is suspending and banning accounts that roleplay, and am eagerly looking for some new roleplays !! I’m not quite sure how to roleplay here yet, so I also roleplay on Discord as well ! I’m nymphaleon#0379 on Discord if you’d rather rp there !!

I don’t really have many guidelines, but I mainly ask that you don't message me if you're a minor if you plan to ask for an rp for a fandom w more mature content ! And that I’m uncomfortable with roleplaying yanderes, self harm, suicide, and pregnancy !
I’m fine with roleplaying smut as long as it comes naturally in the rp and both my partner and the characters involved are of age !

I'd also just like to let you know that if you plan on asking for a roleplay for a live action show/movie, that I don't use irl people as face claims !! I have nothing against people using them for their oc’s, but it makes me uncomfortable to do so !

I’m not sure where people keep their oc’s on here, but mine are on my old Quotev account or on toyhouse ! Hopefully that’s fine lmao

I mainly just write as much as I'm feeling depending on what's happening in the rp, so I don't really have an exact line count ? I do have a writing sample on my profile you can look at to see if our styles are compatible !

Speaking of fandoms, here is my fandom list ! I'm mainly looking for anything with 4-5 stars, but I might also accept fandoms w 3 stars !!

Please let me know if you're interested !! I can’t wait to rp more ! ^^
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Feel free to send me a dm if you'd like, I'm open for OC content :3