looking for fandom or original rp

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hi, my name is eileen! i'm 24 years old and i'm a quotev refugee! I've been spending some time getting used to the differences between Quotev and this website and i'm attempting to put myself out there, but i'm not great at making friends. I'm looking for someone over the age of 18 to do some rps with. I can write pretty descriptively when I roleplay, I usually tend to mirror my partner. I give the same energy that I'm given. I love to talk, build relationships inside and outside of roleplay and i would prefer someone who doesn't mind my constant yapping and world building. Also, adding on to the storylines we do to make it not only more realistic, but it'll make it more fun for both of us. I'm okay with dark, mature content. I don't have much going on when it comes to triggers other than i don't like abuse of any kind when it comes to children or animals. I'm not great at doing m x m ships, but I have no problem doing them!
for original roleplays, I can double up or i prefer to play the role of the female. I don't mind doing dark nsfw themes. for storylines, i kind of want to do a monster x human type of roleplay. I like sci-fi, historical fiction and fantasy rps and would prefer to do those story lines, but I don't mind mafia type rps and other dark romance topics as well.

i have specific hyperfixations at the moment, but i'm willing to do other types of fandoms as well. right now these are the fandoms I'm craving:

books : acotar
games : genshin impact, honkai star rail
tv / movies : outerbanks, harry potter, marvel, stranger things
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Hi fellow Quotev refugee~!
If you are interested, I would totally be down to do an original roleplay, Genshin Impact, Harry Potter or Marvel roleplay. Whatever one (or ones) you want to roleplay :D
hello! Im also a quotev refugee and still learning stuff on this site! I would love to plan an original rp with you! I dont mind playing the male so we can do 1x1 or 2x2 im pretty flexible!
hello! i would love to roleplay any of your tv/movie cravings
I'm from Quotev as well, looking for partners, and I see you like Genshin? 👀 If you're interested, I'd love to do that with you, but I also am down for the orginal stuff (especially since you mentioned monsters👀)
hi! ^__^ im also from quotev, and i'm also slowly getting into the rhythm of this website :3 but we have quite a lot in common — i'm very into hp and acotar, so i would love to talk abt an rp :)
hi eileen! i am also a quotev refugee and just joined this site so i'm not really sure how to pm u yet 😭😭 i would be so down to do a harry potter rp if that's good w u :)
hello! i'd love to roleplay harry potter, marvel, or stranger things with you!