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  1. Hi! I'm looking for a few 1x1 partners. I have a few fandoms I'd like to do, and I prefer romantic plots. I mostly have canon x canons in mind, but I'll also do canon x oc, or oc x oc depending on the fandom. If you're interested in one of my weirder pairings, I will love the shit out of you.

    If interested:
    Must be an adult, even if nothing sexual is involved
    I prefer partners at an intermediate level or higher, but I might not be comfortable writing with someone waaaay better than me.
    I like 2-3 paragraph responses, but I can accommodate.
    Let me know how comfortable you are with sex scenes.
    Let me know what kind of plots you like! Crossovers, AUs, modern AUs of historical/fantasy fandoms (nobody ever wants to do these with me, I'll love you forever if you do), etc etc.

    ♥ = most wanted
    * = I have a few fleshed out plots in mind already. Ask me about them if interested!

    Dragon Age ♥♥♥♥♥
    • Alistair x Warden/OC ♥
    • Fenris x Hawke ♥*
    • Fenris x Isabela *
    • Fenris x Isabela x Hawke (maybe find a third partner? I've never done 1x1x1 before but I think it'd be interesting)
    • Fenris x Anders
    • Fenris x OC
    • Anders x Hawke
    • Dorian x Inquisitor/OC ♥*
    • Cullen x Inquisitor/OC ♥*
    • Dorian x Cullen ♥*
    • Dorian x Iron Bull
    • Dorian x Krem (leave me alone it would be cute)
    • Krem x OC
    • Josephine x Leliana
    • Sera x Inquisitor/OC
    • OC x OC, or OC x pretty much any character.
    Avatar: The Last Airbender
    • Katara x Zuko ♥
    • Mai x Zuko
    • Mai x Ty Lee
    • Ty Lee x Azula
    • Zuko x Sokka
    Shingeki no Kyojin
    • Levi x Erwin
    • Eren x Armin
    • Eren x Jean
    • Grell x Sebastian
    • Grell x Madame Red
    • Grell x William
    Free! (would have to be an AU)
    • Rei x Nagisa
    • Nagisa x Rin
    • Rei x Rin
    • Rei x Rin x Nagisa
    • Mass Effect
    • Hunger Games
    • Vampire Knight
    • No. 6
    • Fruits Basket
    • Star Wars
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  2. I'd love to do a Skyrim one with you. I like doing either M x M Or M x F (Male role preferred.)
  3. Updated with pairings I'm no longer looking for. Still looking for everything else. (I'm still tentatively accepting ideas for Skyrim plots, feel free to suggest something)
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  4. I would love to do Katara x Zuko XD if your still on the look out ^_^
  5. If you can play Fenris, Cullen, Zuko, or Levi for me, I'll play whomever you want, for whatever pairing. I prefer canon/oc for my own romance, when doubling.
  6. Cullen/OC or Alistair/OC?? You have stolen my heart. I would love to roleplay either of those with you, or both!
  7. Updated -- still looking, though I'll probably be a little more picky now.
  8. Updated. Still looking!
  9. Star Wars is a-go provided we can do original characters.
  10. We can! I don't have any specific plot ideas for Star Wars though -- PM me if you have something in mind.
  11. @Phantasm
    For Fenris/Hawke, which character would you be interested in playing? I'm asking because I'm pretty poor at writing Fenris, but I enjoy writing Hawke (Garrett in this case) ;n;
  12. I like writing both, so I'd be more than happy to play Fenris. :)
  13. @Phantasm
    Awesome! :D I noticed the little star next to the pairing; what kind of ideas did you have in mind?
  14. So much Fenris-touching going on in here! =3
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