Looking for Fanatasy Roleplays!

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  1. Hello Everyone!

    I have been really looking for a few different roleplays for awhile now. We can do the roleplay via PM or Forum; which even style tickles your fancy! I am even fine with a little romance (Oo La La) in them, it just depends on your preference!


    ~Vampire (The more crazed the better)
    ~Elemental Magics (Regular magic is cool too)

    **I will do more than these 3, they are just the kick I have been having lately. I do tend to stay away from Fandom Roleplays, other than that feel free to suggest! All I ask is that for each reply it be one or two paragraphs.**
  2. I would love a paranormal RP with you!
  3. One, love the Doctor Who! (Had to throw that out first!)

    What sort of plot do you have in mind? Defiantly interested.
  4. Hello! I'd love to try a vampire rp with you.
  5. hey if you're still looking im up for either vampire or elemental magic
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.