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  1. I have a deep itch for a dark story. I have a basic idea that needs to be expounded on. Here's what I have.

    An empire is on the rise. One by one every enemy has bent a knee in defeat and submitted to the sea of soldiers and the military genius of the man who leads them. Any who fought to the last received more of mercy in death than those who survived and surrendered. Any surviving city was ransacked, the women raped, any man of fighting age butchered and the king, queen and any other members of the Royal families were nailed to the walls in display of their inability to resist such a powerful force. Children were shipped off for enslavement. Only the youngest were permitted to stay and one son from every family so long as he was too young to fight.

    It is said that the last town that fell to the empire experienced the worst of it. They had resisted so violently that the empire had been stopped in its tracks far lower than the emperor designed. In anger, and with a cool head, he lead the assault himself. Every soldier who did not die on the fields of battle was put to executions too harsh to pen. The screams filled the air and were accompanied by the wails of women as they passed between soldiers. Those unfortunate enough to survive the night were chained for future lustful fulfillments. Every child was packed on ships and sailed away to never see their loved ones again.

    The empire's cruelty knew no limits.

    There is one last bastion of hope for freedom that shines brightly in the ever growing darkness. Thought to be inpenetrable and able to withstand years of siege, it has been for more of a thorn in the side of the empire as more and more refugees pour into its walls. Knowing that this stronghold must fall in order for his plans to succeed, the Emperor has sent spies who were quickly weeded out and their heads returned in baskets. Now for more drastic measures the emperor has recruited a master of darkness said to be capable of pulling the very soul of a person from their bodies. Along with his most loyal of soldiers, the emperor has dispatched him to hunt down and gather the information needed by any means necessary.

    Okay, this will be dark, graphic, and not pleasant but from within this age of darkness with spark a love that may just change the very course of history. I'm looking for a female who does not shy away from all things dark in nature. We can discuss exactly what you're comfortable with but your role will be an unfortunate captive who will be tested for information. I will be playing a soldier who happens to be assigned to her and watches as she struggles but valiantly endures for the good of freedom. He will fall for her and we can see what comes from that.

    If you have any questions, please feel free and ask. I will be more likely to reply to a PM than a message her so keep that in mind.

    I forgot to post my rules and expectations:
    I like a partner who will help plan. Roleplay is a collaboration.
    Please post more than two paragraphs. I prefer three well written ones.
    Communication is a key. If you are going to be absent, let me know. If you want to drop, don't leave me hanging.
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  2. This... sounds very intriguing. I would be willing to give it a shot if you are willing to give me a shot. I am pretty consistent (or at least I think so) in regards to replying. When I have a something to work with, I can provide decent responses as well.
    Some days (mostly weekends) I am unable to reply as much, but I definitely try to reply at least once a day.
    Would that work?
  3. Wow, this sounds absolutely amazing! I know you've already had some interest expressed, but I don't suppose you'd still be willing to do an RP with me as well?

    I'm a very active roleplayer (on almost everyday- just not tuesdays or thursdays usually) and very good at replying quickly, but I don't require my partner to post every single day. I'm very relaxed in that regard ^_^

    I'd like to believe I have a good sense of grammar and sentence structure- and while I haven't been roleplaying for as long as some people on this site, I'd like to think that I'm pretty good with description and world building. I know I can certainly post more than 2 or 3 paragraphs consistantly.

    I also absolutely love dark fantasy. Like, really dark fantasy- and this is barking right up my tree, so to speak. As for limits in the darkness, I don't really have any. Nope, none~ and I've really been craving something gritty and dark.

    I hope you can at least think about an RP with me, even if you didn't want to have multiple partners for this particular plot- I'd love to collaborate ^_^
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