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  1. This plot is not for the light hearted and the sweet vanilla. I'm looking for someone who can play female characters. Must have adequate writing skills and able to dive into dark topics such as addiction, cheating, mind break, seduction, and even black mail. Also must be ok with writing detailed scenes of the erotic nature.

    Plot 1, The Affair.
    A desperate housewife who is very lonely is one day approach by her attractive neighbor who is a famous novelist of erotica. She happens to be a fan of his work and may imagine herself as the heroine in his books. She ends up in a compromising position when he invites her over to his home. They tell eachother their darkest desires and shortly after act on them without realizing. How long can they keep this a secret and just how far will they go to satisfy their desires?

    Plot 2 Black mail
    An Innocent student with a dark secret tries to live the perfect life in the public eye. But their Dark secret is discovered by a teacher/student. In order to keep the secret safe the student must obey the blackmailer's every command no matter what.

    For details and if you're interested please PM me
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  2. I would love to do the first plot with you!
  3. Sounds good. Pm me and we can get through the details.
  4. I'll do the second plot with you.
  5. Could do a mixture of the two.
  6. That works too
  7. So shal I pm so we can hash it out.
  8. Those are pretty good but don't exactly fit my cup of tea, how about something set during medieval times?
  9. Sure
  10. pm and we can hash out the details
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