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  1. If you like the long paragraphs and lots of details I may be the partner for are looking for. I can take on maybe two partners with my current availability. I also don't mind partnering with someone that is trying to learn to get more of the details of the action.

    Now for plots, they are not set in stone, but I typically go for medival time period. MY comfortable character is a shapeshifter into animals, but again not set in stone.

    plot 1: Looking for partner for a female x female romance. I play the romance scene explicit and require the partner to be over 18.

    plot 2: Narelle is one of the star fallen, a race of immortal demon that thrives at night when the stars at at their brightest.

    The star fallen are not inherently evil but they are not known for kindness either. There was a time when the star fallen were one of the most prominant races in the world, those times have passed. Narelle is the last child born to the star fallen and that was more than a millenium ago, after several thousand years the Star fallen slowly died off even though they could not die from old age they could although with great difficulty be killed. Most of the ones who died where killed by the hands of their own race mostly friends and family as life became increasingly difficult. It was not like before Narelle became alienated as the last child born to the race they began to blame her, and as irrational as that belief was it soon became the only theory they had for their inability to produce, they began saying the she was so weak that the gods decided they race would be unable to survive if her blood was to mingle with the others. It was not long before that line of thought brought them to conclusion that she she be destroyed the gods would grant them children again for she would be unable to weaken the line if she was no longer alive. When the attack came Narelle fought them off with ease destroying all but a handful of the remaining Star fallen who fled at the sight of her as she laughed in wicked glee tearing all in sight to tiny unrecognisable bits. After the rage left her she was filled with such sorrow that she wept for a hundred years begging forgiveness from the soul of every last one of her victims, on the final day she vowed to never kill again and left the place of her ancestors to roam the worlds and atone for the destruction of her race.

    Recently she kept herself busy by selling herself out for being protector of cities. She kept her vow for nearly 2000 years, until she met a famous bard and rogue named Koravel. In only a few days after she met him she broke this vow. She also let her guard down for the first time in her whole life and ended up falling for the human. Little did she know this bard was actually fathered by a god. The laughing god to be exact, he was also the god of rogues and bards.

    The two experienced much together, including the starfallen going into her uncontrolable rage. Instead of completely wearing herself out Koravel was able to use his god given talent to calm her raging spirit, and keep her very soul for his own.

    She found out the truth behind her race's disgrace. A simple pact with a demon lord had made the entire race sterile, as well was supposed to kill Narelle even before birth. The ritual however backfired, sprung back on to the child itself and gave her unusual powers.

    True love broke the spell on all of the starfallen, and proved that even a demon could still love another, rather than just breed like cattle to keep a race alive.

    Rumor spread like wildfire however under the ears of some very powerful demons. Koravel was stolen from Narelle, their happiness short lived. The starfallen is now in search of her loved one.

    The plot would consist of Narelle searching for her loved one and she will do anything to find him. Partner can play Koravel or own creation for the journey. Koravel and Narelle are both my creations and have character sheets for both.

    Plot 3: Would be with Narelle only much much earlier in her life. I'd like to play out her destruction of her own race. Partner can play anything they wish, time period is medival.

    Plot 4: Lost City of Alantis... Back when it still existed. The princess of Atlantis, Helliana is a powerful sorceress. There is no king or queen of this land, but Helliana is their leader. She rules with the hand of flesh and blood, and any who stand in her way of leading her kingdom will feel the wrath of her power. To her own people she is everything. Some think her a god by worshiping her. In reality she is just another human in this land that is extensively further in technology than everyone else. This island is vast and completely self-sustaining. Recently there have been some people that have wanted to overthrow her. Some more rumors have spread that a powerful wizard has passed through the barrier that hides their land to outside world. Others believe the barrier is gone. This is a plot that I have had in my head a long time. I know nothing of what I want to happen, but it will lead to the ultimate destruction of the People of Atlantis, and the land.

    Plot 5: The following is a world history. Anything is possible, but I was thinking about having a plot where some powerful people were trying to ressurect Cuin Drekim.

    Cuin Drekim was an absolute soul that lived in a realm of chaos. She was a great winged serpent whose body was covered in scales that had limitless color. She lived in the realm for thousands of years before creating her children. Cuin Drekim’s body made the children. She pulled the scales from her body and infused them with some of her power. She granted each child with a specific role and gifted it with some of her power to fulfill its roles. Once her children were created most of her power was gone and she fell into a deep slumber. While in this slumber her children used her body to create a cocoon around her heart. The skin of her body was used for the soil. The ridges of her back were used to create mountains. Her tail was used to hold the world up in space. Her blood was used to make the waters of the planet.

    Cuin Drekim had thirteen children that were made from scales on different parts of her body. Irral was made her back and was the first born that was given the power of balance and the job to govern the others; he was also the king of the children. Irthir was created her head and given wisdom and the job of teaching. Troth was created from her mouth and had the power of leadership and his job was to protect. Wilad was from her neck and was given the power of a muse and given the job to entertain. Itov was formed from over her heart and was given the power of love and her job was procreation. Dartak was from her underbelly and was given the power of death and was given the job to control the underworld. Bevnal and Caesin were twins made from her hands and given the power over the earth and plants and given the job of providing food. Oposs and Morne were another set of twins given the powers over the weather and were given the job to control it. Svant and Suaco her last set of twins were from her wings and were give the power over the sky and wind they were given the job to control it. Lastly was Iejir who was made from her tail and given the power over water.

    When Cuin Drekim made her last child she became very weak and fell into a deep slumber. In order to protect her essence Caesin, Suaco and Oposs split their mother’s chest open and dove in to retrieve their mother’s heart. They used their powers to cut through her immense chest and thick bones and in doing so started to change her body. Her heart then became the center of the earth. In order to protect her heart they cocooned her heart inside of her skin that was changed into soil and rock. They used the rest of her transformed body to protect the cocoon. Her wings wrapped around the cocoon to make the sky. The changes were so great that she no longer resembled a great winged serpent. Her teeth became wood that made the trees. Her blood was thinned and made into the water that covered the rest of the planet.

    When creating the cocoon her children fought over where to place the pieces. Her fire breath was stolen by Dartak and taken beneath her skin, which made the world grow cold because her skin was so thick the heat could not escape. The other children took what was left of her bones and ground them up to place in the sky to blanket the earth in clouds that helped warm the earth. Since the bones were heavy they would occasionally fall from the sky as snow. In order to warm the earth back up Oposs and Morne would descend on the planet and use their powerful wings to lift the bone dust from the ground. Within the conflict one of her claws were dropped on the earth, which then made it spin on her tail and carved great rivers in the earth. After the conflict had calmed Cuin Drekim decided she needed to watch her children so she told her son Irral to lift her eyes into the sky to become the sun and the moon to watch over her cocoon.

    When the earth was fully formed the children decided to make life to help nurture the planet and help it regain strength. They first made the animals that covered the land and lived in the sea. Many years later they saw the animals were not working as they had hoped so the children decided to make a more intelligent being. The children decided to make man and place them on the earth to work with the animals. Each child helped create aspects of humanity by teaching them specific roles to fulfill on the earth. They were given knowledge of hunting, farming, fishing and protecting. Irral made sure that all humans were created equal. Wilad gave the gift of entertainment so they did not grow bored. Itov made sure there were male and females so they could fall in love and create children. Irthir gave them the ability to learn. Svant gave them curiosity.

    Several hundred years after humans were made Dartak and Troth joined together under their mother's skin to plot on how to gain their mothers power. They decided to try and weaken her further by using the humans against their brothers and sisters original plans. Dartak tempted them with the seven deadly sins and forbidden knowledge while Troth made them turn on each other by introducing them to war. Once they were introduced to this type of knowledge men no longer saw themselves as equal and tried to lead each other by promoting kings. War broke out amongst the tribes in the fight for land and power over each other. After seeing what humans were capable of the children decided to limit their life and make them suffer by losing the ones they love. They often remind the humans of their life by causing disaster to befall them and remind them how fragile they really are.
  2. I would love to try plot 4 with you. I'm good with long paragraphs... I'm just still working on where to put detail though.