Looking for emotions, depth, reality...

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  1. I'm looking for a rp with depth, emotions and reality. Like, when what's going on is realistic.

    I want the characters to have depth, both good and bad sides and everything like that. My characters are usually very emotional so I'd like a rp where you can really express your feelings. I don't have any specific plot ideas, but the main thing I'm looking for is a partner who enjoys roleplaying things with depth, emotions etc. And I like plot twists as well, when unexpected things happens.

    I'm not looking for a narrow story where it's like the goal is to find the treasure, I want it to be things to work with within the plot... oh I don't know how to describe it. Maybe like this: there is a boy and a girl at a school, and they fall in love. Or, it could be that there is a school, and the roleplay is about what's happening at the school, but the boy and the girl just happens to fall in love. You get it? Like, I want there to be room for unexpected things to happen. Maybe that wasn't such a good explanation (since unexpected things can happen even though the story is about a boy and a girl falling in love)... oh well, you get what I'm talking about.

    As for my rp-partner, I'd like you to be pretty aggressive. I can be both passive and aggressive, but what I like the most is if we can both be kind of aggressive and lead the story forward together. It's just really hard if one is all passive and lets the other one do the work... so yeah I'd like you to be willing to lead the roleplay (but not all on your own, if that's not what you want of course). And also, please write a decent amount of text. I don't like one-liners that much, I'm more into two paragraphs (or more). If you give me a couple of paragraphs I'll give the same to you, assuming that there's something to work with from your reply (=leading the story forward). But I've been in awesome rps with almost one-liners (a bit more, like 5 sentences), so it's not all about the lenght. So if you don't write that much but still feel like you want to roleplay with me, don't hesitate to let me know!

    I hope that this wasn't too weird or anything... that I got my idea out there, what I'm looking for. So please feel free to send me a PM, visitor message or reply in this thread. The most important thing is that you're willing to help to lead the story forward and that you roleplay with depth and emotions. And last but not least, don't forget to have fun! ~
  2. Okay, I've written a start to what I think you'd like, here's the storyline-
    A man (Dean Rasmussen, me) is framed for killing his family. A detective goes rouge to help him clear his name, a female, ovbiously. I usually start with a bunch of paragraphs, but I slow down and shorten to one and a half to three paragraphs.
  3. That sounds interesting, I'm on! Maybe we could keep discussing it via visitor message?
  4. We could roleplay! I am willing to roleplay as a girl, or boy, doesn't matter to me. c:
    I love school themes and romance so we could get along. I am not one for discussing a single plot, I like to wing it, if you don't mind c: tell me what you think!
  5. If this is too much, I'd understand, but I am interested in maybe doing one with a plot following the events that happen in a boarding school, but sort of winging it.
  6. I'm hoping to not be causing you more distress by showing I'm also interested but...I'm also interested.

    I like to have a very basic plot, but nothing overly constricting- after all, if it were overly constricting, I could just write it myself. I think having a lot of air room is good, but having a minor idea- even just a basic setting- can do wonders. So I think we'll be fine mostly. I can play either gender, but I tend to prefer to lay female normally. I like the idea of depth, as I tend to think of my characters as my children and individuals. However, some of them have a bit of trouble showing their emotions sometimes...But the emotions are there, and will come out for sure over time.

    Anyway...I think we could do quite nicely as a team, so...If you have any interest, let me know, okay?
  7. I'd like to role play with you :D
  8. Hey, check out my post here. If you meant emotional like that, then I think I'm your gal. (well one of them, seeing as you have many responses o.o)

    Show Spoiler
    N'jeri snapped her head up on the word 'failing'. The fear of not being able to graduate with her friends terrified her, more so than being yelled at by Professor Dean. But by raising her head, she had unwittingly locked eyes with her professor, caught in his terrifying glare like a deer in headlights. She opened her mouth to plea for mercy, found it heavy with saliva, and immediately closed it to remedy the problem. She wanted to speak, to move, to run even, but she found that her muscles had turned to jelly under him.

    N'jeri couldn't help it. Her miniature breakdown was inevitable. She did the unthinkable. She made eye contact.

    Her red eyes surrendered to his emerald ones and almost rolled back from the pressure. Why did he have to look at her like that? She could have sworn the look in his eyes were lewd. A teacher didn't look at a student that way. His stone facial expression caved to the intensity of his eyes, and N'jeri recognized that immediately. He sounded concerned; but his eyes were hungry.

    "I-..." N'jeri teared up, she literally felt the tremble in her knees from being the victim of Professor Dean's effortless charm. It was an ungodly contrast. Lazy, sleep-crazed and weak-willed N'jeri, alone against the predator of Professor Dean. This should have never been allowed.

    "I-I-I...." N'jeri's infamous stutter came to play. Her speech was slow and choppy, but her mind had racing thoughts. Paranoid thoughts.

    "Please don't think I'm pathetic. I'm really trying! I'm just a girl, you know? You can't look at me like that, looking as handsome as you. I faint at loud noises, don't you think I am incapable of handling this pressure that's building?! Why are you even talking to me? Why not Patricia with the flowing blonde hair and the swimsuit model body? She adores you! What is this-"

    "I'm s-s-sorry..." N'jeri's nervous red eyes were swirling with different hue intensities. One moment they were a bright, flaming red, the next moment they were a dull, border-line pink.

    "W-what can ah-ah-I do?" N'jeri's soft voice was barely audible when she whimpered. If Professor Dean didn't offer her a way out, she probably would have cried right then and there. "I-I'll do anything!" N'jeri bravely stepped closer to the Professor's desk, her red eyes were now constantly swirling with her confusion and desperation.

    "Anything." She secured her offer without a stutter. N'jeri meant what she said. If he wanted her to do community service, consider it done. Extra credit reports? Done.

    She was scared, but she wouldn't fail without a fight.

    Also, if our rp MUST involve romance, I can be a lil picky. o3o fair warnin'