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  1. Hello~! I am currently looking for a Dominant partner to play out some RPs with. You can be M or F, while I play Female. I have some pairings, but not much plot for these. So, please add all your ideas!
    First, a bit of information:

    Q: Are you very strict with your RPs?
    A: No, definitely not. I feel it's a bit overbearing to have so many strict rules and "conditions" with your RP, it sometimes make the other person not want to RP with you anymore, like its not fun anymore.

    Q: How are your characters played?
    A: My characters rang from super shy and submissive, to strong willed and sarcastic. But, I'm looking for a Dom at the moment, so most of my characters will probably be right in the middle.

    Q: Do you mind Y/N making my own plots and just coming to you?
    A: I don't mind it at all! I think its actually wonderful and I love when people do that. ^^

    Q: How long do our replies have to be?
    A: You don't have to make the long, but please no one sentence answers. They are hard to answer back to. Just at least 3 sentences or more if you please.

    Q: How good does our Grammar have to be?
    As long as I can read and understand it, it's okay with me!

    If you have any other questions, just ask. Now, onto my pairings:
    The italicized character is the one I would like to play.

    Master x Slave
    Supernatural x Human
    Monster Girl
    x Human
    Stalker x Victim
    Rebel x Goodie
    Tutor x Student
    x Demon
    Human x Demon
    Maid x Master/Mistress
    Teacher x Student
    x Brother/Sister
    Good Elf x Demon

    If you have any of pairings or ideas, just tell me! ^^ Hope to hear from some of you!
  2. I would be up for trying rebel x goodie. :)
  3. @lostnfound ^^ Yay! PM me so we can figure out all the details!
  4. if you're still look for a partner I would like to partner with you.

    I like the monster girl X human, teacher X student, and human X demon.
  5. Okay, just PM me so we can pick one ^^
  6. Still looking ^^!
  7. Hey Lala! Whats up, I'm interested in the brotherxsister one! I've been looking for a good one of those and it seems like all my other rps about it drop through for some reason...
  8. If you're still interested, I have an idea for a Supernatural X Human
  9. @Nate Dawg
    Yay! Just PM me so we can sort out the details! ^^
  10. Of course~ ^^
  11. kk cool send me a pm :)
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