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  1. So of late I've been the male role for most of my rps and would like to the female for once even though I'm a girl.

    I don't mind what kind of rp we do and we can discuss plot and characters in pm or here but I'm looking for someone to be the more dominant of whatever the relationship is.

    I do have a tendency to post a lot and hope to have someone who can match that but it doesn't necessarily need to be every post but no one liners.

    As for pictures I prefer real butiI also like anime so I'm not very picky.

    Murder x Victim
    Cop x murder
    Teacher x student
    Ghost x human
    Vamp x human
    Wolf x human
    Body guard x protectee

    I can't think of any at the moment but feel free to post pairings and I will happily do it :)
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  2. It's either the wolf or the body guard, I'm torn o.O
  3. Well which would you prefer? We could do both if you like :)
  4. Both, for $200 please :o
  5. What? Lol I can't pay you money or was that a joke?
  6. The body guard, teacher, and cop ones sound interesting!
  7. OK is there a particular one you want to do?
  8. Well i think the body guard one could have more of a plot and the other two seem like strictly smut topics, so depends on what you're wanting to rp?
  9. Yeah we can go with the bodyguard one :)
  10. Alright, messages?
  11. Yup could u send me a message
  12. lol, I was playing that jeopardy game. So yes, that was a joke.
  13. lol, I was playing that jeopardy game. So yes, that was a joke.
  14. Oh right I kinda figured that but was like hmmm. Lol

    Do you have a plot in mind or do you just want to start from scratch?
  15. lol, Ihad to make you question yourself first ;p
  16. Lol well you did but anyway want to plot them out in PMS?
  17. To the pm's!
  18. I'm interested in the teacherxstudent one
  19. OK do u want to send me a pm so we plot this out?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.