Looking for Doctor Who and BBC's Sherlock RPs.

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  1. Doctor Who:

    Looking for someone to play The Doctor, 9, 10, or 11 is fine with me, whichever you may want the play.
    I want it to start as a companion RP, but bloom into a romance, but I would also love action and drama.
    I have a few villains, aliens, and planets that I've purely made up that I want to incorporate in, and I'll definetly collaborate to make some with my partner. I also have a few plot points that I want to see happen.

    BBC's Sherlock RP:
    Sherlock TV show plot: (Note: This is after "A Scandal in Belgravia", but before "The Reichenbach Fall")
    Someone has moved in at 221C Baker Street, an American female. Sherlock and Watson run into their new neighbor as she is leaving her flat, the woman bumping into Sherlock as she's rushing out of her flat. After the rushed meeting, the woman leaves both the men confused and interested, for different reasons. Soon, a man, another American, shows up at 221B, looking for the woman. According to Sherlock, he isn’t anyone official, but would probably harm the woman because of the knife that he was concealing on his belt, so Watson turns away the man, telling him that he doesn’t know whom he’s talking about. After brief meetings with the woman over several weeks with her occasionally giving them cookies and other sweets she’s made when she was bored, she shows up at 221B while Watson is away on one of his horrible dates and Mrs. Hudson is visiting Sherlock. She asks for the doctor through clenched teeth, obviously in pain by Sherlock’s eyes. Mrs. Hudson invites her to come inside to wait for him, and while she runs back to her flat to get her phone so she could call Watson and tell him he’s needed, Sherlock deduces that she’s in pain. The woman reluctantly agrees that there is something wrong, and she takes off her zipped jacket and reveals her blood stained t-shirt and the bullet hole in her shoulder. She won’t tell where it’s from to Sherlock, but says that she won’t go to a hospital because of her phobia of hospitals.
    (The RP would continue with a slight infatuation growing on the woman’s part towards Sherlock, but because of her getting in trouble often and the fact that Sherlock is Sherlock, he isn’t sure of his feelings towards her, until after he’s back after the two years.)Who I’d like to play: the woman, Mrs. Hudson, Molly Hooper (if she somehow gets included), Mycroft Holmes, and John Watson.
    Who I'd like my partner to play: Sherlock Holmes, and possibly Lestrade and Moriarty.

    If you want some info about me, my resume is up! :)

    Thank you for reading!
  2. I've been itching to do a Sherlock RP for like ever! We should talk.
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