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  1. I'm really bored, so I finally decided to make some 1x1 roleplay plots. I've been around only in the Group Roleplays area, but that doesn't mean I'm not experienced on 1x1 (in fact, I've been roleplaying like this since the begining of my roleplay years xD).

    So, anyways, I'm not that picky on genre, I can even do some Libertine (>//< Even sometimes, I can get a bit embarressed or not that good!). Everything's fine for me, except Yaoi (MalexMale... That's a absolutely NO for me not trying to offend here).

    Just let me if you're interested and remember, I'm looking for really great descriptive roleplayers that knows how to make at least 2 paragraph replies. Here's my 3 characters:
    Rito Moonstone
    Haruto Suzumiya
    Ryunosuke Aisaka
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  2. Nope! This is not okay. As an adult member, you are strictly forbidden from writing sex-based stories with members under the age of 18. If you get caught doing this, it is one of the fastest ways to get banned from the site. O_O

    DUN DO IT!
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  3. DAMN IT! I meant "Libertine", no Liberteen. >-< I always got confused with those because they sound similiar!!!
  4. You said both Libertine and Liberteen! O_O That's why I reacted, otherwise I would have assumed it was just a typo. :D Just wanted to make sure you knew. Fix it up, and everything will be good.
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  5. I might be interested in doing one! I'm a sucker for vampire character (excuse my horrible pun, I am truly sorry.) Did you have any plots or genres in mind?
  6. LIke I said, I'm into any kind of genre, except Yaoi. I also spent most of the time doing School Comedy Romance (this if you wonder what my favorite type of roleplay). But you can tell me what you want and I may do someting for us.
  7. Could you message me? Is that alright :)?
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  8. Sounds fun, I am interested.
    I am open to anything if you wanna shoot me a PM and we can discuss plots and characters.
  9. I'm newer to the site but an experienced roleplayer of ... A quarter century.

    I haven't gotten around to posting my myriad characters, but I'm sure I could find a match to one or more of yours.
  10. @Michale CS
    Sure, I'll be glad to roleplay with you. I can go with whichever character you come in.
  11. @Shinku I've got quite an assortment, but upon looking over your characters, Rito sounds interesting to meet one of mine.

    (Apologies, I haven't had time to change the characters over from other sites I RP at to Iwaku, so here she is, Diane Pyewacket Baker )
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  12. Interesting and funny character. So, I guess you wish to make a roleplay that includes some magic on it, right?
  13. Well, the world she comes from sort of enforces the no 'blatant' magic rule. Similar to how it's done in White Wolf's Mage: The Ascension (and whatever they're calling the new version). So she could be in a world where there isn't much magic, and I could downplay the magic to sheer luck and coincidences, or we could go with one where magic is either known by a more select few, or wide open, I don't have a preference.
  14. ^^' Sorry, but I'm actually didn't managed to understand what's the no "blatant" and the White Wolf Mage... It's just that I really suck when it comes to magic stuff... I really need help in those...
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