Looking for DC and Marvel characters!

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  1. Yes! I love superheroes!

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  2. Ew no go away

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  1. Um i cant type like a ton since i use my nook so it takes forever is it ok if i type like two paragraphs max and one minimum?
  2. Yeah, length is totally up to you but we don't do script style.
    Most people's replies range from 1 sentences to four paragraphs it just depends on how much you have to write.
    We ask you edit your posts though for punctuation/grammar/spelling mistakes.
  3. Haha im an honors student in senior year for english AP i can do grammar XD yeah so what characters are taken?
  4. Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Frank Castle, Deadpool, Joker, Poison Ivy, Catwoman, Two Face, Batman, Carnage, and Loki.
  5. Dips on Steve Rogers!
  6. He's taken (I'm actually steve heh)
  7. Is there any charcters that you would want in there besides Deadpool that are funny and witty? Like maybe Peter Parker AKA Spiderman?
  8. Oh there are plenty of funny/witty characters that we'd love to have.
    Peter Parker is a good choice, Beast Boy or Tony Stark are good choices too. It's up to you. You can play up to four characters.
  9. Ermergerd can i go post on it now?!
  10. I want Spidey by the way.
  11. Once you request to join you can.
    Then once you join you have to fill out character bios for who you want to be, and also discuss it in the OOC thread. This helps people bring you into the roleplay and it informs people of your character in case they don't know.
  12. Alright!
  13. So...is would it be alright if i requested to be my favorite hero/antihero of all time: James Howlette/Logan/Wolverine?
  14. Unfortunately we already have someone signing on as Wolverine.
    All the other x-men are free however.
  15. Logan, Steve, Peter, Bruce, Johny, Norran, Stephen, Tony...
    Man, the only good heroes already got taken...guess I gotta do an OC.
  16. Well not all the good heroes there are taken. Would you be interested in playing an avenger or a member of the justice league? We're looking for those the most.
    You can of course be an OC but we tend to be a little strict about what OCs are allowed.
  17. Alright, I know Cap, Wolvey, and Spidey are all taken, but what about the other five?
    Iron Man, Dr. Strange, Silver Surfer, Ghost Rider, Hulk.
    Are any of them available?
    All of them were Avengers at one point. XD
    Of course, there's also the few DC heroes like the Hal Jordan Green Lantern.
    Any Amalgams allowed?
  18. ALl of those guys are free believe it or not :D

    I have no clue what an Amalgam is heh.
  19. Amalgam is a Marvel/DC crossover series spanning multiple comic series in which the two original universes where combined, fusing certain characters together, such as Dark Claw, a Batman/Wolverine, and Super Soldier, a Cap/Superman. XD
    Oh, now I have choices...
    Lets see...
    Tony's rich, has access to lots of resources, and is a genius, he's also pretty snarky and cocky.
    Bruce's a genius, can turn into a practically immortal monster with tremendous strength, and can even go into that form while maintaining his intellect, getter stronger, larger, and more savage as he gets more angry, though it can ake him lose self control up.
    Johny's possessed by a spirit of vengeance, is extremely durable, and doesn't need to rest, yet the spirit can go out of control from time to time.
    Norran has control over one of the most powerful forces in the universe, yet he's a pacifist until pushed too far.
    Stephen is the most powerful magic user, yet he has to make sure that the thing that gives him his power doesn't take hold of him.
    ...Man, that's a tough choice...
    I guess either Tony, Bruce, or Johny, but i'm still unsure of which one to be. XD
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