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  1. So I have this newish OC I really wanna role play as.
    The thing is, he's an asshole. Gross too.

    If you're still reading, meet Adalricus;

    [Art by the wonderful sketchthedead@FA]

    Full name: Adalricus Gier.
    Race: Zweibrücker, horse.
    Age: ??
    Weight and height: 200something, 6’5.

    Power driven, condescending, and vindictive, the German rooted horse is known for his silver tongue and cold approach to things he has been credited for bringing kingdoms off the edge of both economic collapse and war. When he served under the rule of King Ulric, he also gained notoriety for something else; his brutal war tactics.

    Adalricus came to serve his King Ulric in a time of war, a time of them losing said war. Out of desperation, the king gave control of what was left of his armies to Adalricus, who in turn taught them the way to win is to drop any sort of mortals and decency, as well as updating their outdated weapons.

    It took years but the last of fighting men held out, and thanks to the vicious conditioning they received they manged to win their thought to be lost war.

    Many question if it would have been better to lose the war then have their men loose their humanity.

    He found himself drifting through kingdoms over the past few years, ever since the last royal house he called home’s king died, the family robbed blind. Adalricus claims he left due to grief due to how close he and King Ulric where, but some would debate that.
    Something rather hidden about Adalricus is that there is a split in his stomach, always held shut by clamps. This is due to him being the son of a Dullahan and Deinos, the terrible.
    For anyone who doesn’t know, Deinos was one of the Mares of Diomedes; horses fabled to eat men, and breath fire.
    Some would credit his mother for how Adalricus is.
    This doesn’t however, explain his legs. Large, heavy, and wooden bishops, inverted to walk on the points.
    No one really knows how he got his legs, and he isn’t one to talk about it.

    [Facts that don’t easily fit into the back story.]
    When emotionally distressed, Adalricus insides more or less catch fire, because he is not a pure breed, he has lost the ability to control his fire. The only time you will see Adalricus breath fire is when he is scared, angry, and so forth. And it isn’t that he will really ‘breath’ it, it more smolders inside him.

    - Adalricus stores his treasures in his intestines. You will never see him with a bag. But he gets extremely embarrassed when he needs to open it and he will often demand anyone around to leave.

    So, if you wanna rp with this horse fuck, hit me up!
    I'd much rather prefer not to rp here, skype or email would be best. Ask me for one of those if you want to rp!
  2. Aw, common, no one wants to bugger around with this horse ass?
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