Looking for Creepypasta Roleplays

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  1. Hello there! I'm looking for a few people to do a creepypasta roleplay with me. Just for the sake of things, in any pairing I play the submissive. For those of you still here, lets move on. I expect you not to ditch me without a word, I expect at minimum a paragraph, one liners are not acceptable for me. I prefer to do PMs since I sometimes don't get alerts and it just feels more comfortable.

    Just to clear this, I am open to genderbending.

    Italics is the role I'm wanting to play.

    Jeff x Liu (I have a plot for this, and I go by the "Liu lives" thing going around the fandom)
    Jeff x Ben (I also have a plot)
    OC x OC
    OC x Liu
    OC x Ben


    Petplay | Collaring | BDSM | Bondage | Pampering | Master/Slave | Bloodplay | Incest | Experimentation | Possible Torture

    No Gos:

    Toilet Play | Rape | Main Character Death

    Let me know your interest and what pairing you want. Also let me know MxM or MxF, all pairings are able for genderbending.​