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  1. Hai you who are currently reading this~

    I am Yuomi, yes I know my name is pretty dark but don't worry it's pretty green under those thick layers of the darkest blackest paint. Such a wonderful intro bravo me, I really should stop with this... Where's the fake gun someone give it to me I need it for a sec~

    ...Ops... Sorry bout that...

    Either way, thank you for clicking to read a bit about this freaky-looking person over here~ Before you read about what I've got in store you might want to get to know me, you know, see if I'm a person you would kinda like to rp with or not.

    I am not on terms with
    • One-Liners
    • Porn-seekers
    • F x F
    • Weird fetishes
    • A complete waste of time
    • Godmodding
    • Mary Sue & Gary Stue
    • Tentacles, Furry and Fluff
    • BDSM
    • Quick-to-end-roleplays

    Things I probably will do if we rp together
    • Cockblock at least 2 times
    • Kill and introduce new characters
    • Make and control too many NPC's so that I will have to list them somewhere
    • Make you control at least 2 NPC's connected to my character's past or family to spice it up
    • Love the rp if we have a nice and properly planned plot
    • Focus on plot more than anything
    • Make love to the plot when no one is looking
    • Probably ship the main characters too much that it will go over my head
    • I will probably cut off heads if we have a rather gory rp
    • Forget that I am a human being that needs to sleep

    Are ya still here? Good here's a bit info about me as a living human person :D
    I am a music student, currently on my last semester before I graduate in June. I have been roleplaying since I was 10 years old, but in a different language when I was 10-15 years old. My writing varies a lot, mostly depends on what my partner gives me. My grammar is okay I believe, I don't really remember the last time I got my grammar checked because I don't have english classes in school anymore so if there's a word that seems very very suspicious I either forgot english or my finger made a mistake by pressing the wrong key or you can just tell me that I f*cked up again. I better mention this too, I have a very fast brain, which results with my hands not being able to type as fast as I think, so a sentence might not make sense because I forgot one word (or three).
    I will in the future become more busy, I have no idea when this busyness will start so if we rp keep that in mind, I will message you thou so that you know when stuff is going downwards. I will be willing to pull off allnighters if the rp is getting unbelievably interesting, so remind me to go to bed XD And depending on how busy I am my reply-speed will vary constantly, but I will reply.

    Some pairings ready for plotting~
    [Modern Setting]
    Blind x Beauty-complex
    Coma patient x Doctor
    Superhuman x Normal human

    [Victorian Setting]
    Body guard x Royal
    Dominant greedy x The taken
    Servant x Master/Mistress

    [Medieval Setting]
    Royal x Peasant
    Rebel x Nobel
    Servant x Peasant

    [Future Setting]
    Dying human x Wealthy human
    Experiment x Scientist
    Half robot half human x Mechanic

    Random roleplay titles ready for further plotting
    "Will work for H2O"
    "Possibly impossible, possibly possible"
    "The Memories of Our Past"
    "The Living Nightmare"
    "We're the last ones left"
    "Don't let go or we'll fall"
    "Wishing we weren't supposed to be"
    "Fighting to keep you"

    I am up for new ideas as well so just tell me if you have an rp idea!
    And if you found one here that sounds good enough for plotting contact me~

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  2. Hi I'm interested! Pm me :)
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