INTEREST CHECK Looking for CoGM for Futuristic RP

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  1. So I'm currently working on a futuristic war rp (Taking inspiration from a few different sources)
    Anyway I kinda started to realize that I may need someone to help me run this rp, a co-game master if you will.

    I would prefer someone who is active and able to make a good 'plot moving' post if I cant post for whatever reason (or can help me brainstorm one)
  2. I'm not instantly hooked on this yet, I'm curious. Could you please elaborate further on this 'futuristic war rp' premise? Just a brief overview or summary for me to get the tone and style of this roleplay.
  3. I'm still trying to work out the details itself but will put down some of my bullet points

    Earth is now an Empire which was formed in the aftermath of WW3 (war for dwindling resources)
    Colonization of other planets in an attempt to gain more resources
    Deep space travel possible
    Several colony planets attempted and failed to revolt and break away from the Empire.
    Orphans taken ('rescued'), then trained and evolved into the 'future of mankind'
    Evolved humans then wage war on Empire (start of rp)
  4. Ah, I see. Normally, I'm not terribly inclined towards sci-fi and the areas of control for a co-mod might be too numerous for me to handle. That's considering since this is a war type roleplay with the added bulk of the existence of other planets. I might not be your co-mod for this, but I there's the chance that I'll find interest in joining the roleplay itself.
  5. Ok ^^ I'll tell you once I get the rp up
  6. I'm afraid I'm with @Aurelia here, on all of her points. Not including that I've just joined the site to break a long hiatus where my skills as far as role-playing and GMing are terribly rusted. Please notify me whenever your RP does get on its feet!