Looking for Characters Who Would Like To Summon Pmonehap for Services

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  1. Pmonehap Summoning Procedure (Open 1x1 RP)

    Name: Pmonehap
    Pronouns: Pmonehap has been called he, she, it, they, and many other things. It doesn’t care as long as you don’t make fun of it.

    Age: It stopped counting after it hit its 5,000th year.

    Superior: It serves directly under Asmodeus.

    Species: Low Level Goat Demon

    Appearance: Pmonehap is a bipedal creature with features heavily resembling a goat. All of its hair is slick and black, it has a long, twisted pair of horns and a long prehensile tail that, unlike most of it, lacks hair except for the tip. It doesn’t feel the need to cover its breasts, but it does wear a tattered cloth around its waist to cover both its male and female genitals.

    Bio: Pmonehap is very neutral, apathetic even, until it is pushed to the point where the emotion shown is extreme and very dangerous. This is common for demons. Get one truly angry, and it may send out so much negative energy that it could set an entire building ablaze at once. It is, however, very hard to get it to show any real emotion. It can however, be sarcastic and may find joy in picking on any flaws it can see in you or your energy. It tends to be all business until something peaks its interest and even so, my blame others for getting distracted.

    To start an RP, send me a message, and be willing to write up a 1x1 starter of your character performing the ritual to invoke Pmonehap.
    Things allowed in these RPs include:
    • Crossovers
    • Gore
    • OCs
    • Canon Characters
    I am allowed to halt the RP if I deem your conduct unfit.

    The procedure is as follows:​
    1. Draw Pmonehap’s sigil, with quill ink, on anything that will allow the creation of a stain and evenly distribute 3 candles around it. Paper and fabric work well, but it prefers wood. Using a common demon summoning sigil and focusing all energy into calling Pmonehap and Pmonehap only also has a large chance of successfully summoning it.
    2. Place your offering in the center of the sigil. Your offering must be contained in the sigil, so if it does not fit, a new sigil must be drawn. The highest form of offerings are things that grant Pmonehap a permanent connection to the summoner, a “controlling stock” if you will.
    3. Focus your full attention and all of your energy towards the signal and clearly spout the chant: “I welcome you into my home and presence, Pmonehap. I humbly request your service with this offering.” while lighting each candle with a wooden match until you see or feel its presence. Pmonehap may appear outside the circle if it is not encircled with salt, although it does not fancy being captured.
    4. Get right to the point if Pmonehap is not interested in answering petty questions. Tell it what you ask of it so it can perform its duty. It can tell if you’re wasting time. When you are finished, tell Pmonehap that you are “granting it entry back into Hell” and snuff out each candle with your fingers.
    • Do not mock or ridicule any summoned demons.​
    • Do not blow out the candles. This releases negative energy into the area and does not send Pmonehap back.​
    • Do not perform this where you can be interrupted or if there are others in the room watching. All parties must participate.​
    Thanks for looking! ;v;
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  2. I'm not going to actually try this
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    Not gonna try it
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