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Lord Dragonized~Glory

Alright.. Hi friends. I'm going to get right down to the point. I'm looking for people who can write 5-6 paragraphs at an adept level, is ok with Mpreg and will play more than one mxm pairing at a time.

This not fancy enough for you? Then here:

Hi friends! I'm looking for writers at an Adept level that can write between 5 and 8 or more paragraphs to play a Fantasy Anime Roleplay[/cyan] with ME!
You have to be fine with doubling characters and most important, MPREG!!!

Here are the details;
•Characters are premade!
•Characters are anime!
•The first events are already written and serve as an intro to the plot!
•You will get a long while to reply so don't worry.
•Post here and I'll PM The chosen ones!
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