Looking for awesome roleplayers! ^-^

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  1. Okay, Hello person who is reading my post!

    I am new to this site and am looking for a few super awesome roleplay partners!

    My list of ideas are:

    • Two friends on the internet have been chatting for years what happens when they actually meet?. (realistic)​
    • Fantasy world based romance and action.​
    • Alien species meets human what will happen?? (SciFi)​
    • Vampire x Werewolf​
    • ANYTHING FANTASY!! :rotfl::rotfl:

    • Far Cry 3 cross over with Tomb Raider (Lara x Vaas)​
    • Borderlands RP. Be an existing Vault hunter or create your own and travel around Pandora.​
    • Marvel 1x1 (I love to play Loki)
    • How To train Your Dragon
    • Devil May Cry
    • Bleach
    • Sly rp

    Sorry I am being a litle vague on ideas, I am open to everyone's Ideas so feel free to reply or pm me XD​
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  2. Would you like to do a HTTYD RP?
  3. I love the internet idea or Borderlands
  4. Awesome! People replied XD

    Would you two please pm me???
  5. I would like the borderlands one, as well as the alien and human one AND the anything fantasy. Gotta love fantasy.
  6. Yay! Please pm me? ^-^
  7. XD i love to rp wiith you you have really good ideas and i have a marvel charater that is fun to rp and loki is pretty cool if i do say so but i love werewolf and HTTYD to and so on :wave:
  8. Awesome! XD thankyou for replying! XD pretty pleases pm me?
  9. Hiya! I'm new to this website, but if you haven't gotten any replies,I'd love to figure out a plot with you! I LOVE fantasy and sci-fi so I feel that something could work out! I'd love to rp with you!:3
  10. Awesome ^-^ ChaoticNeutral pm me XD
  11. Hello, I really like the internet friends idea ^^ I've been craving a good slice of life RP idea lately. By any chance, are you still accepting partners for that idea? And do you have a plot in mind for it? :)
  12. Yes I am still looking and I kind of have an idea, we would still need to brainstorm a little XD
  13. Thanks for posting Lilly. ^^

    XD is there anyone else?
  14. No probs. ^.^
    did you check the link?
  15. Hey, if you are still looking for a fantasy or scifi let me know.
  16. Hey, i would be interested in whatever fantasy related, bleach and maybe Marvel.. could possibly roleplay Wolverine lol as he's the one i could relate to maybe :P
  17. ^-^ Awesome! Wolverine is pretty cool I've actually just read his origin comics XD

    Feel free to pm me
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.