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Do you ever think you're not cut out to rp in a certain post?

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  1. Hi all!
    I'm not new to role play but I am at the same time. Allow me to explain!
    I have always been interested in creative writing and used to role play every day when I was younger. I haven't written anything with anyone in a long time and I'm not even sure where to start! I keep looking in the forums for rps that are just starting up and I keep thinking that I'm not experienced enough to rp in those. So, for the exact reason that I clicked my way over here, I am looking for a group to rp with or one on one, that's fine too, id just prefer a group but I know that's hard sometimes. I'm basically into almost anything, just send me a pm or reply or whatever you'd like to do! I'd love to make some friends along the way! :penguin:
  2. Hello :)
    If you're interested my sister is trying to get an Akatsuki rp started up.
    It's a light fandom focused on the next generation
    Naruto: An Akatsuki Story
  3. If you're interested my sister is looking to start an elaborate Zombie Survival based RP
    This isn't your normal Zombie Rp though...
    Can You Survive?