Looking for an rp partner in crime! ^~^

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  1. Hello dear~

    About the Queen of Hell
    ○ I'm Mika-Chan or Mika if you may ♥ I can also be called Demon Queen or Kawaii ^~^
    ○ I'm 17 and a Senior in high school now! I have a tendency to be a bit shy upon first encounter but I try to be outgoing! I'm really friendly, I promise I don't bite! ...much
    ○ I met some of my best friends through rp ♥
    ○ I'm bisexual and demiromantic, I'm in a very serious and committed relationship with my wonderful boyfriend who I also met through rp ♥
    ○ I am interested in Myers Briggs personality types and I'm a major Astrology nerd. My personality type is an INFJ while my Sun is in Taurus, Moon in Sagittarius, and Ascendant in Cancer ^^

    A bit about myself for role play

    ○ I try to mirror the length of my partner's post to the best of my ability, and I also try to be as active as I can despite my busy schedule.
    ○ I don't do one liners, I'd prefer one paragraph at least.
    ○ I've been role playing for about 6 to 7 years now and have progressed quite a bit since then.
    ○ I'm normally down for any genre of rp, be it fantasy, realism, sci-fi, you name it!
    ○ I have a ton of ideas but I'll only let you know my main idea (where most of my characters revolve around, my concept of the "world") if I trust you not to copy or share it.
    ○ I try to create a variety of characters. I don't mind role playing more than one character, but if they're not kept occupied then I won't keep them in the role play.
    ○ Please have some sense of grammar, spelling, or punctuation. If you aren't an English speaker then I understand. If you just type in a way to be lazy, please brush up before asking me.

    What do I enjoy role playing?

    ○ I enjoy role playing fandoms! I'll list my interests after this.
    ○ I enjoy fantasy! Anything from pegasuses to wizards, I'm down!
    ○ As I had mentioned previously, I really am open to almost any genre.
    ○ I also VERY much enjoy libertine, or rps with smut in them
    ○ I role play mainly straight or Yuri. I mainly enjoy role playing female roles, but I can try to role play a straight male role, there is no guarantee that I excel at it though (as I am a woman). I suck at Yaoi, I'm sorry </3
    ○ I like 1x1 role plays! I don't mind group role plays, but 1x1 makes me feel a bit more comfortable.
    ○ I like oc x oc rps with creative plots, not too much with fandoms.
    ○ I enjoy oc x canon (I don't mind doubling up as long as I can do the character you prefer) when it comes to fandoms.
    ○ I do not do canon x canon. Sorry. It's hard for me to get into character for ships. I rarely ever ship characters. Only a few.

    What fandoms do I enjoy?
    (In Bold are fandoms I crave to rp the most, as well as characters I'd like you to play if you can. If we're doubling up, please give me options instead of just one. Any fandom with an asterisk means I have a plot idea for it.)

    -Shin, Toma
    Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin)
    -Levi, Jean

    -Ichigo, Grimmjow, Ulquiorra, Hisagi
    Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji)*
    -Joker, Snake, Dagger, Ciel, Alois, Sebastian, Finny, Baldroy
    Cowboy Bebop
    Deadman Wonderland*
    -Crow, Toto
    Death Note
    -L, Near, Mello
    Death Parade
    -Decim, Ginti
    Diabolik Lovers*
    -Any of the Sakamaki, Mukami, or Tsukinami bros
    -Izaya, Shizuo
    -Any of the Samezuka or Iwatobi boys
    -Prussia, Romano, Norway
    -Yashiro, Kuroh, Mikoto, Misaki
    Kamisama Kiss (Kamisama Hajimemashita)
    -Tomoe, Mizuki, Kurama
    Kamigami no Asobi
    -Any of the gods but Zeus
    -Sinbad, Judar
    -Yato, Yukine, Kofuku
    Ouran High School Host Club
    -Hikaru, Kaoru
    -Natsuno, Tooru, Tatsumi
    Soul Eater
    -Death the Kid, Soul
    Space Dandy
    Uta no Prince-Sama
    -Nantuki/Satsuki, Syo, Ai, Ranmaru, Reiji, Tokiya
    Vampire Knight
    -Zero, Shiki, Ichiru

    TV Shows
    Penny Dreadful
    -Dorian, Ethan, Victor
    -Dean, Sam
    The Walking Dead
    -Rick, Daryl, Carl

    Video Games
    Five Nights at Freddy's
    -Springtrap, Vincent/Purple Guy

    Alice in Wonderland (Tim Burton)
    -Mad Hatter
    Corpse Bride
    Rise of the Guardians
    -Jack Frost

    Other Things
    -Steve/Cap, DeadPool

    Some of my plot/pairing ideas
    (In bold are roles I'd prefer to play. If you have ideas of your own, please share I would love to hear!)

    Captive Empress x King
    Show Spoiler
    No one ever knew or seen the leader of the growing Ocellan Empire and what was under all of the armor and the battle helmet, but judging by the successes they've made, everyone had assumed they must have had one powerful emperor. It all went well, until their leader had been captured by the army of another kingdom in the dark of the night.
    The king had been wanting to stop this for a long time, it was time for the Ocellan reign to end. It was time to put an end to the bloodshed and restore peace to the world. But little does he know is that under all the armor lies a much stronger person, one that no one would have ever guessed.

    That's about it, do PM me if you're interested or just let me know on here! I'd love to hear from you! ♥
    See you in Hell, love ♥

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  2. Well... meep?

    ^_^; You seem like someone I woukd like to rp with. Drop me a line if you are still looking for a writing partner!!!
  3. Hello! I'd be interested to know what you have in mind for Dishonoured.

    However, your star is red (indicating you set your account age over 18). Lying about your age on Iwaku is bannable. If you ask an administrator they can fix this for you.
  4. All right. ^^

  5. These all interested me the most! I would love to hear the plots you may have for these ^.^
  6. Fabulous! Just shoot me an rp and let me know again what you'd like to hear from most interested to least, I'd love to hear from you dear!
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  7. I'm up for Rping FNAF :)

    I'll shoot ya a pm
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