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  1. Hellllllloooo!

    I'm looking for a partner for a darker, gritty action roleplay! Romance can be a side factor, if it is MxF (me being Male). I tend to mimic how much my partner writes, so the more you write, the more I write in return.
    Ideally I would be looking for a partner who can write more than a paragraph, but not a whole book report every time they post. I can get a post up every day for the most part, maybe two.
    I AM new to 1v1 RP's, but I have done ALOT of group RP's.
    I also enjoy playing multiple characters, and wouldn't mind if my partner did either ^-^

    Some ideas I have:

    War (Action):
    A team of soldiers is sent deep into enemy territory, but as the mission goes south, the team is slaughtered, leaving two. We are without our radios, and must rely on each other to make it back home in one piece.
    *Can be a real war, fake war, a modified version of war, or anything in between!

    The Dead Walk (Survival Horror):
    The world ended over a year ago, now the survivors must roam the world avoiding zombies hungry for their flesh, and be wary of other survivors that may be out to hunt them down as well.
    *Our characters could know each other before the world ended and grouped up before the RP takes place, or meet up at the start of it

    The world ended more than an entire generation ago. Nuclear fallout took away our countries, but luckily we prepared. Our families took shelter in large underground cities, ours being named Terra-Deep. Over the years, the city grew more and more corrupt, and now everyone struggles to survive. Many took to gangs, or joined the military-like police following the word of a Dictator.
    *Sorta a Sci-Fi setting. I have ALOT of information for this one, including the bases of a sequal roleplay if this one gets finished. Personal favorite

    Tridawn (Fantasy):
    The nation of Tridawn is vast with multiple biomes. At one time it was split into four different countries, each being lead by a race. The humans had Iron Rock, Elves; Elineshire, Orcs; Howling Plains, and Dwarves had the Broken Cliff Mountains. The four leaders came together and joined to form a council, which elected a King. Fifty years later, the country is on the verge of rebellion due to a dictator like monarch king. Will we be taking the rebels side and hope to create a better world for everyone, or perhaps will our greed and hunger for power get the best of us, and we side with the King in hopes of gaining gold and land
    *A magic roleplay! Another personal favorite of mine.

    Star Wars:
    In a galaxy, far, far away the galaxy was in a civil war between two factions. The First Order, a military and politically similar to the Empire. They share common ideals and principles. They fought against the Resistance, lead by Leia Organa. Before the events of The Force Awakens, a small group of bounty hunters were ordered to track down and capture, or kill several targets that may have access to the force. I would be playing as two of the bounty hunters, brother and sister, and I was toying with the idea of the brother having some force ability. Something happens and the bounty hunters instead betray the order and help the possible Jedi
    You could control another hunter or two, but if not they will be NPC we can kill off. At least one of us would have to make a force sensitive character.

    Got an idea that you think I might like? Lemme hear it! I'm willing to modify all of these to have fun ^_^
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  2. I be interested and being one of your first 1x1 partners
  3. Terra Deep sounds really interesting but I would need to know more on what you have planned for it. xD
  4. @Scorpio Queen Any particular one you'd be interested in?

    @Vio Would you like me to send you some information about? If so anything in particular ^-^
  5. Yes send me the information you have on it so far in a pm. I'm interested to see what more you have to offer regarding it.
  6. have to read them over again
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  7. war or dead walk or I have a few things I wanted to do
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  8. Update: Added a new form and still looking for a partner for all.
  9. The war and star wars ones interest me.
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  10. I'd be down to do either! Send me a PM and we can talk about it there.
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