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  1. Hello, I am currently looking for someone to role play with. I am very flexible and always willing to help come with ideas and that such. I mainly play female characters so I hope that isn't much of a problem. Here is a small list of things I am interested in, but not limited to. If you have something not on the list please feel free to ask if I would consider doing it. Most likely it will be a yes.

    Some things I am interested in:
    High school/boarding school
    Modern fantasy
    I am also looking for some Fandom roleplays as well. I am on a Black Butler kick right now. I think it would be interesting to do one, and it doesn't have to be in the same time period either. It could be taken to the modern times, or stick to their time line if you would like. Personally I would love to stick to an OC myself. But if you would prefer to play someone from the show, feel free to! Or if there is another fandom you are interested in, please let me know and maybe we could work something out.
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  2. Definitely in for a Medieval roleplay! I can play male or female, so all I need to know is your preference in that area. I have an idea or two if you'd like me to list them?
  3. Okay awesome! Well if you would like romance, would you be alright playing male? Of course we can add more charas and you can be whom ever you would like to be as well! I would also love to hear your ideas ^.^
  4. Oh, don't worry, it's all the same to me! Although extra minor charas might make it more interesting and well-rounded? Well, I'm liking the idea of being in a medieval Navy, traveling the seas and all. Another one would be a masquerade party (my guilty pleasure), one character being royalty, and they would have to escape an assassin. How do those sound?
  5. Both of them sound wonderful! And I totally agree with the extra chara's as well. I think I would really like either of those two, which one are you more in the mood for?
  6. Hm. At the moment I'm feeling a bit more of the Navy one.
  7. Okay we can do that one then! Would you like to take this to PM's or something? Sorry I am still new around here and trying to figure everything out as I go.
  8. I can start a thread if you like. I was on here a few years ago and I remember most of this.
  9. Okay, if you could that would be amazing ^.^
  10. Alright, I'll reply soon with a link!
  11. Okay, thank you so much!
  12. Okay thank you so much friend! I will have my post up by tomorrow morning if that is okay with you. It's going on 2 am here and I will have to be going to bed. I truly can't wait to start though ^.^
  13. Oh, that's no problem. I was thinking about heading to bed soon anyway. I'm glad you're excited!
  14. Did a little update :3
  15. Whew, I'm starving...well, is there anything else you want to RP?
  16. Still looking :)
  17. I would be willing to roleplay with you.
  18. Okay awesome! Would you mind sending me a PM then?
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