Looking for an Obi-Wan to my Luke in terms of GM'ing!

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  1. Hello! As the title implies, I am currently looking for someone to be sort of like a sensei to me, someone willing to take me under their wing and help me learn to GM on forums - a long term student-teacher relationship, if you will. I've been a dungeon master for a few DnD campaigns, but forum roleplay, while sort of related, is very much a different world from table-top roleplay!

    I have read through the workshops and tips in the Institute, but what I'd really like is some field training from someone not only experienced, but patient (patience is key - I am a slow learner). Even after all the threads I've read about GM'ing, I haven't been able to retain all the information. I need to get in there with a GM teacher and start really learning, sort of like a student teacher does. So, in short, this is what I am looking for:

    - Invitation to shadow a moderately GM-controlled RP (I don't need to join, unless you want me to - I'm just there to learn).

    - Permission to PM back and forth about what the GM is doing and why, or to ask questions like "How are you going to get the rp'ers back on track after what they just wrote?", or "How will you incorporate your next plot?"

    - I prefer to shadow something I'm more comfortable with (apocalypse, horror, mystery, traditional fantasy, or fandoms that fall along those lines), but I am in this to LEARN, so I don't want to rule out a genre just because I'm not comfortable with it at first!

    - Permission to PM the Obi-Wan GM about my own RP ideas and how to improve them or keep the other people in the RP entertained and engaged.

    - Permission to ask the Obi-Wan for help once I finally start my own RP (not like asking that person to pretty much run it for me - I mean to ask for help if I hit a dead end, or if I do something wrong, or something that might jeopardize the campaign. Basic advice and tips while I'm GM'ing.

    There's probably a few more things I haven't noted, but I can't think of them right now. Also, I am not expecting to run my own RP anytime soon. I'd like at least a month of shadowing before I attempt it.

    Thank you kindly in advance to anyone who replies!
  2. I'd be glad to help and offer my insight, but I would hardly encourage you to see it as a student/teacher relationship. Your personality and skillset are probably different from mine, and this will influence the style of GM that will suit you best. For that reason, it's for the best to ask multiple GM's of long-lasting RP's or groups so you can get multiple perspectives and styles, but it will require more effort on your part, both in terms of shadowing and in terms of figuring out what fits you.

    That said, these are the two games I'm currently GM'ing;
  3. I'd be glad to help you in that manner, and I have written a form of my personal views on the matter here...


    Not the best, and has quite a few references to tabletop games, but as a rule of thumb it has some decent principles to guide you on. Kestrel sums it best, though. It's just a matter of seeing and adapting others.
  4. Though my post count isn't impressive or much of anything, I do have some experience in GM'ing. Seeing the amount of time I have on person, I don't mind to help out. Though I must express that I wish to be paid back in pancakes. Or credit for buying pancakes! Either way, the way I see it that this can be quite fun.

    If you are interested, I have a group RP going on on recently here as a co-GM. If you wish, then you could shadow me and I can help you out on how it has been set up, the discussions that I had with the lead designer and how the RP would be more balanced out with typical rules and regulations.

    The Shadows of Aeios OOC is the RP I am talking about. I also GM a larger RP that I am planning to move towards Iwaku and if you want then I can show you how such delicate GM's situations can best be played out. But I think that it is perhaps better to shadow me in the RP which I linked just here. Either way, just pm me and let me know if you are interested. Cheers!