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  1. Hey ya'll Huntress here.

    So with school over I have had more time on my hands and thus I've started netflixing my life away haha. Getting back into Orange Is the new Black, I've been really interested in the whole Piper/Alex story that's been going on in the show. If you haven't watched the show that's okay I can give you a brief rundown of the story between the two characters but you should also definitely consider watching the show if you can haha.

    So that being said I am looking to build a story that is similar to that, perhaps throw in a bit of supernatural elements.

    I don't really have a plot in mind so it'd be something that we would build together.

    A bit of how I play and what would be nice to see in a partner as well:

    I consider myself a decent writer, typically a couple paragraphs, if i'm really into it I can keep going.
    You send me one liners then you probably won't hear from me again.
    Decent spelling and grammar is always nice. In the end, if I can understand what you're trying to say then we're all good.

    With all this free time I will be posting often, probably pestering you too post to, I suck like that but I try not to bother people, at least give me a post a day, if not every other day should be okay. Don't make me wait for like three days or a week.

    This plot will be FxF, if that wasn't obvious and possibly mature, I put it in this section because it could work as a non-mature game.

    Gore is okay by me, depending on what's involved in the story it might come up so be prepared for some blood and guts.

    Swearing will probably happen often as well so please keep that in mind.

    When it comes to more mature/intimate scenes, like I said, the plot could possibly work with fade to blacks or getting just a tad descriptive but nothing is certain yet.

    I think that pretty much covers everything.
    If you're interested and want to discuss potential plot ideas shoot me a PM, I will certainty get back to you quickly.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this, hope to find someone who is down for this. :D
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