PORTRAIT REQUEST Looking For An Artist

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    Hello there, I was wondering if anyone would be interested in doing some free fandom art for me. I mean if your looking to practice and test your skills out. I would love to see what your skills are and love to see what kind of masterpieces you will make. I am looking for regular art to libertine art. I have a few ideas on what I am looking for and would love to hear what kinds of ideas you have as well. Please send me a pm if your willing to do this for me, I have been looking everywhere buts it hard to find people. I have tried making art myself and I suck at it, it puts me to shame. Anyways please hit me up and we can come up with something together.

    Here is a list of fandoms I am looking for.

    Severus Snape/Oc
    The Joker/Oc
    The Mentalist/Oc
    Sweeney Todd/Oc
    Tony Stark/Oc