Looking for an animal trainer or peson of power

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  1. I wanna try to do this rp again, so if you have an idea for the post below, reply here and then I'll move it to the other section :3

    (No other slaves, must be someone in control Ex king, prince, trainer etc. Liege is NOT just a roll over and obey shifter. Please keep that in mind, he bites, claws, kills, all that fun. Guy chari's only) No one I have already RPed with please.



    264 BC.
    On the Greek Island of Kourion...

    "Hello Gallion, how are the new recruits fairing in the underground training hall?"

    A young man looked up quickly from his post in front of a two giant wooden doors, held closed by a large bar of pressed oak.
    He wore a pair of dirty tanned pants with a small toga that ended around his knees.
    "U-um...one of the new men we brought from the streets of Thebes seems to be doing extraordinarily well, sir. In fact, he's actually killed two others while they were trying to prepare for the lion matches..."

    Alkaus raised an eyebrow and proceeded to lift aside the door's bolt of wood.
    "Is that so?"

    The younger man nodded right away and helped push open the two double doors.
    "He is extremely strong but his attitude is that of a wildcat, sir. He waited and stalks, moves like one and has very sharp finger nails...tis like nothing I have seen before in my life."

    "Oh yeah?" Alkaus replied and the other just nodded as the doors finished swinging open and a huge underground arena was exposed.
    Light drifted in front grates above that gave one a view of everything going on below.
    Several men were sparring with wooden swords as to not hurt each other till their time in the actually coliseum. Others were wresting bare handed and others were dodging certain small wheeled carts pushed by other captives to represent large cats or chariots.

    All except one.

    Against the wall, surrounded by six guards who were conversing confusedly was one young male who happened to be chained from head to toe.
    The strips of blackened metal were clasped around his wrists, neck, and each ankle. Along with one that wrapped completely around his well-muscles stomach.
    There was just enough loose chain for him to stand, if he so chose, but not to strike out at anyone who was smart enough to stay at least three yards away.

    A very low monotone growl, almost like a nonstop purr came from the man the entire time.
    His head was bowed, face hidden behind a messy mop of pitch black hair.
    It almost looked like a shag of fur the way it seemed to have its own shape and temperament.

    As the two approached the guards quickly noticed and stepped aside so that Alkaus could look at the man.
    "He's killed two competitors already sir. He used his hands but when he had attacked they appeared as claws..."

    Now the man's finger nails looked completely normal, even shorter than normal seemingly having been ground down from fighting or were.

    "Really now...?" Alkaus mused as he walked closer.
    The guards all quickly drew their swords and stepped into to press them against the man's throat.
    "Careful sir..." The man who had walked in there with him warned.

    Alkaus didn't seem to concerned as he approached. He noted that, indeed, the man looked wild.
    His body was dirty but it didn't hide anything.
    He had a very good set of muscles lining from his abdomen to his upper torso. His arms were also evened out as well as his legs.

    Reaching forward Alkaus grabbed the man beneath his jaw and lifted so that their eyes met.
    Only one of the captives was even visible beneath the mat of hair but it narrowed when it met the high ranking guards.
    "Red eyes...the sign of the devil."

    The man made no movement but it was obvious he could easily do so, swords at his throat or not.
    Alkaus knew this just by the look in his eyes.
    He could overpower him easily before the swords even cut but he didn't appear interested at that moment to do so.

    "Hmm...I wonder what he would think of using you tonight..."

    Several of the guards gasped and started to whisper.
    They had just gotten this man and he had no background with him.
    No one knew who he was but they definitely knew he was a killer. Which was obvious due to the two bodies several feet away stacked against the wall to be disposed off.
    Most likely fed to the wild cats they used in the games.

    "I think they would enjoy seeing him compete..."

    The games would be in three hours, set in the large coliseum just above their heads.
    Underground was the labyrinth where large animals and prisoners were held to compete in these games.
    There was a possibility to win your freedom, if the crowd so chose and the ruler agreed...but this has never happened.

    It was always death.
    No one ever put up enough fight to win themselves their lives back but the thought was still a leading force in each gladiators head. To have freedom again they gave great fights, matches to the death...only to die by choice of their former neighbors and loved ones.
  2. What specifically were you wanting plot wise? Is he to fight I the games so you are looking for someone to fight him or a romantic interest or a master?
  3. It really depends on what type of chari the other player chooses.
    I put up a small list of ideas for it but I don't want the other to be another slave so not fighting against him in the coliseum.
  4. Hmmm okay. We're you wanting a male character for it? I could do male. I have a few ideas. It depends on the gender you had in mind
  5. Yeah a male chari and I wanna try and keep the length to around two or three paragraphs per post since I put a lot of thought into this chari.
  6. Okay, I'm thinking of playing the emporer. I assume he'd be watching the games, I'm thinking he'd take an interest in the boy, first laying bets on him an it is semi customary for the winners of roman or Greek colloseums to be rented out for profit so I may build into that. Longer replies from me mean you'll have to wait longer for a response but I can do it :)
  7. Waiting longer is no problem.
    I'm going to be packing and moving this coming week so I'll be on and off randomly anyways.
    Would you prefer the rp be in 1x1 or mature before I toss it up?
  8. either or is fine with me. Okay. Longer reply time just means I am scheming :) just link me