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  1. I've finally come out of a long period of personal issues that made it hard to RP, and I'd like to jump into an active group RP. This seemed like a good way to speed up the process of researching games.

    • Any kind of "punk"--cyber, steam, diesel, you name it
    • Ancient worlds
    • Monster hunters/monsters being hunted
    • Fantasy, high or low
    • Supernatural, particularly vampires
    • Superheroes
    Dislikes Just Not Looking For Right Now
    • Fandom games
    • Modern/slice of life
    • Academies (at least the ones where school is the primary focus. Why are there so many schools?)
    • Zombie apocalypse
    • Animals (as in mundane, non-transforming animals, like a wolf pack)

    Most of the RPs I have up my sleeve are a mix of your likes and dislikes.

    This'll be somewhat tricky.

    By 'modern' do you mean pure modern and realistic or modern with 'supernatural' or 'scifi' elements?

    I have a few dormant ideas that fit the criteria. I hope you're looking for dragons. A lot of dragons.
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  3. A mix is okay, I can decide which is more important. Modern meaning pure realistic stuff, urban fantasy or something with futuristic elements would be fun. And I love dragons!
  4. Thank you, this looks cool.
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