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  1. I'm really looking for an Adventure Epic right now. Please, guys, contact me if you're gathering a group for one of the following RP types

    -Alien Saga
    --Willing to do Original Story, Mass Effect, or related
    --Not looking for Star Trek, Star Wars, etc
    -Fantasy Adventure
    --Willing to do Original Story, Dragon Age, Dragon's Dogma, or related
    --Not looking for LotR, etc
    -Sci-Fan Adventure
    --Original Stories only
    -Futuristic (and/or Dystopic)
    --Willing to do Original Story, Brink, WATCH_DOGS, or related

    You guys get the general idea? If you could just contact me with anything, please contact me. My posts tend to be pretty big, Always at least three lines, could be up to a page and a half in Microsoft Word.
  2. Check Out Avion Archipelago, It's still in development but it has great potential. The Interest check is up.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.