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  1. Hello beautiful people! I've got a few ideas for some fantasy/medieval adventures that I would like to see blossom into adventurous stories of bravery, war, death, deceit, drama, betrayal, love, hate, and all that other wonderful stuff that makes you want to throw your book across the room while you lie in a fetal position crying over your favorite character. Before I get to the plots, below are some things you should know if you are willing to accept the dangers this adventure has in store for you.

    - I don't require a post every day. I can't keep up with that myself, as I am still in school and often get pretty busy. Just let me know if you will be disappearing for an extensive amount of time and I will do the same. I don't think I need to explain the obvious requirement of being able to write coherently and with some reasonable knowledge of the English language.

    - Quality over quantity is something I always preach. That being said, please go with at least one or two well written paragraphs. I myself usually write at least three per post, often times more depending on the scenario.

    - Most of these plots will require us to RP as other characters in addition to the mains. I would also prefer my partner to be at least somewhat capable of taking the initiative from time to time. Remember, it's OUR roleplay, not just mine.

    - Sex is perfectly fine with me, but too much takes away from the plot. At most I would prefer about 80% plot and 20% smut. If you would prefer to fade to black for mature scenes then just let me know.

    Now that you are aware of the requirements, let's get to the fun part: the plots! All of the mains in these are MxF pairings. I would prefer to play the male in these, but with the large number of characters involved in the stories here there is a lot of room for flexibility. Also keep in mind that these scenarios are not set in stone the way they are written. I would love to hear any ideas you have to twist any of these into something new. Let's get to it!

    1. [Insert name here] is in worlds of trouble. Her family used to be one of the most powerful houses in the kingdom of Sarvayl. They were second only to the royal family until about fifteen years ago. Her father and the king were suddenly at each other's throats. While there are many tales of what occurred between the two, no one is aware of what truly transpired that day. But of the result there could be no doubt. The king stripped his old friend of all titles and banished him and his family back to their home in the north. What transpired after this was nothing short of a disaster. With a once great family suddenly reduced to nothing more than shame, a power vacuum was created in the north. Anyone with influence in those territories immediately began vying for control. Fifteen years later, that war continues. [Insert name here] is the last remaining member of her family. With no where else to go, she has returned to the capital to work as a washerwoman in the city's slums, a place where she knew there would always be work for her to pay for her meals. Meanwhile, the king has gone mad with his inability to stop the war in the north, though some suspect there is more to his madness than meets the eye. Talks of rebellion against this crazed monarch have been all but realized in full. Now his son Avram has taken up the mantle of ruling. Inheriting the problems caused by his father was the last thing he wanted, and now he is expected to marry a woman he has never met in order to form a blood alliance. But will the return of his old childhood friend [Insert name here] threaten to sway his decision-making in these harsh times?

    2. It seems that no matter where he goes, Bulrik Meluvet simply cannot avoid danger. It was five years ago that he fled his home in the Glaysen Empire, exiling himself in the distant lands inhabited mostly by nomads and small villages of the Noros peoples. That was the decision one had to make when there was a bounty the size of a mountain on one's head. For a while it seemed Bulrik and his handful of faithful companions had finally escaped their demise. That was until the village they were living in was slaughtered by an army of goblins. Those vile creatures had not massed such a force in hundreds of years. Even more frightening was the dragon they brought with them. The large beasts were never known to venture away from their homelands far to the west of the Red Mountains. But nothing could have prepared Bulrik for the final member of that army: a demon. Legends of those terrible beings were passed around by the Norosian communities all the time, but to see them fully realized was not something Bulrik expected. Now he and his companions are on the run once again, desperately trying to figure out what is going on. And it is here that they stumble upon a group of Norosian refugees in a situation similar to their own. They are led by a woman who seems less than content to let Bulrik and his outlaws associate with her few remaining people. But can they really afford to lose possible allies with so much destruction going on? Absolutely not, for an ancient evil has re-awoken.

    3. The Vashay is the most notorious group of assassins in Kensa. The Silent Mantis possesses the most successful criminals in the very same city. For nearly a decade, these two elite underground organisations have clashed for control of the streets of Kensa. Their hatred for each other runs deeper than the blood in their veins. So what could have possessed them to suddenly consider forming an alliance? A Lord Governor who wants them both eliminated. The Vashay and the Silent Mantis are both well aware of the fact that this new governor of Kensa has plenty of resources to completely wipe out both of them and the mercilessness to see it through to the end. Can they really put aside their feud, even if only temporarily, to overcome this unforeseen threat? Robyyn Vancen is not so optimistic. The head of the Silent Mantis never thought he would have to stoop to this level. Now he finds himself looking to parlay with [Insert name here]. Too many people have underestimated her in the past, most believing that a woman could scarcely have done the things she has claimed to do. Robyyn never made that mistake himself. Can he really trust any bargain he makes with her? Probably not, but he doesn't really have a choice anymore.
  2. Numbers one and three are certainly interesting. Still looking by any chance?
  3. I have partners for both of them but I'd be willing to double up. Send me a PM!
  4. Hmm...if you're still looking I'd be interested in figuring something out with you.

    How do you feel about adding a supernatural element to these stories? Like for our PC's?
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