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  1. Hi! I'm Anasiel. This is a new account, but I have been roleplaying across various platforms for years. I'm looking for an active roleplay partner who:

    • Can play multiple characters at a time
    • Is flexible to play both genders and all/most sexual orientations. I like variety!
    • Won't be offended by mature language, sexuality, dark themes, etc.

    Right now I'm really into post apocalyptic/dystopian themes, though I'm open to lots of different ideas. I'm not usually a fan of anime, highschool, or family settings though.

    I plan on posting often, but sporadically throughout the day and would love it if my partner could also post at least a few times a day.

    Let me know if you are interested! :)
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  2. I would be most interested in rping with you and would love to hear your ideas ^^
  3. I fullfill those requirements, and if you don't have any plot in mind, brainstorming for something dystopian sounds interesting to me. Post-apocaliptic isn't my cup of tea though n.nU If you aren't expecting an advanced-level roleplayer, maybe we could roleplay together :3 I reply several times a day too, so that won't be a problem.~
  4. Hi! I haven't created any full-fledged ideas yet since I wasn't sure what my partner would like, but my favorite right now would be a dystopian society (think Divergent-ish) or an old fashioned zombie apocalypse. Do either of those sound appealing, or do you have any other ideas in mind?
  5. Thanks for your interest! Unfortunately, I've already had a few people contact me and I don't want to take on too many roleplay partners since I get overwhelmed easily.
  6. Oh alright, nevermind then. I'm having terrible luck finding partners, so if it ends up not working out with many people and you looking for partners again, consider leaving me a message :) Bye~
  7. Either of those sound fun! ^^ a zombie apocalypse rp is more what I was thinking though XD
  8. Awesome, is there anything you like/dislike that I should know about? Also, do you have any preferences about zombie type, setting, etc.?
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